On January 17, 2023, Governor Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flannagan announced they were going to “make Minnesota the best state in the country for kids to grow up.”

Four months later, let’s review the legislation that has been passed or proposed which directly impacts children in Minnesota. As it stands right now, a child who manages to be born in Minnesota is facing a coordinated system of dangerous indoctrination, sexual grooming, sexual confusion, tyrannical speech laws, and potentially forced vaccinations.

The preborn can now be aborted up to the moment of birth in Minnesota, making Minnesota one of the most dangerous places in the world for unborn children. The Democrats shot down every single attempt to provide any sort of guardrails and protection for an unborn child. They have made Minnesota a ‘haven’ for abortion, and we will see thousands upon thousands of babies from around the country killed in this state in the name of “reproductive rights.”

Emotionally unstable children must now be “believed” according to Peggy Flannagan. So, if they think they are a different gender and desire to pursue sterilizing hormonal treatments and mutilation of their perfectly healthy bodies, “good parents” will encourage and support their decisions. In fact, by executive order and legislative action, Minnesota has become a “sanctuary” state for gender confused children to be brought here to have their bodies butchered. During the press conference announcing Walz’s executive order, Flannagan was proudly wearing a T shirt with a giant dagger over her heart.

More brutally, Minnesota will refuse to honor and respect laws and parents in other states that would otherwise protect these children from physical mutilation. The situation is so serious that Minnesota Republican lawmakers sent a request to Gov. Kristi Noem appealing to her and the South Dakota attorney general to issue a public statement regarding penalties that “will be imposed against anyone participating materially in luring or transporting South Dakota minors for the purpose of providing ‘transgender healthcare,’ including so-called gender-reassignment surgery and other related medical procedures” without their parents’ knowledge or consent. They also state that Gov. Walz’s Executive Order has violated his oath of office and the US Constitution.

Article IV, Section 1 of the US Constitution states, “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State,” and yet the Governor of Minnesota [through Executive Order 23-03] flagrantly & deliberately ordered the Executive Branch of the State of Minnesota not to honor subpoenas issued by the State of South Dakota in matters related to so-called “transgender healthcare.” In so doing, Governor Walz is violating the US Constitution, his Oath of Office, and profoundly breaking faith with the State of South Dakota in a matter that could not be more sacred or central to the well-being & interests of the People of South Dakota.

Gender confused children in Minnesota will be denied access to any kind of talk therapy to help them become comfortable in their God-given biological sex. In fact, people skilled in providing this kind of counseling and faith-based counseling will now be subjected to enhanced persecution and penalties for so called “hate speech.” Walz and the Democrats have criminalized this therapy, and they are silencing and censoring much needed and legitimate help for gender confused children, denying them the fundamental right to access their counseling of choice. We were deeply disappointed to see some Republicans refusing to oppose this.

The Marxist Professional Educators and Licensing Board (PELSB) teacher standards go into effect this spring. Now, every teacher seeking a teachers’ license in Minnesota will be required to teach through an “equity lens.” They will be forced to affirm and teach that they and their students are either victims or oppressors based on the color or their skin. They will be forced to teach social activism and to hate themselves and others because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, or their perceived ‘privilege.’

And the session isn’t over. The Democrats still have legislation in waiting which would mandate the Covid 19 shot for children attending daycare in MN….a shot with massive amounts of documented harms to children, which provides no protection from transmission or infection, and which is completely unnecessary because Covid poses no risk to healthy children.

As of this writing, Minnesota Senate Democrats have rejected legislation which would protect children from accessing pornographic, obscene, and vulgar content in school libraries. This is a massive concern across the state and parents are routinely receiving nothing but pushback from their schoolboards and administration. It defies common sense and decency that anyone with a responsibility to protect children would oppose removing books with explicitly vulgar and graphic pornographic content from school library shelves!

HF174, if adopted into law, will make the pornographic and sexually explicit Comprehensive Sex Education mandatory in every public school at every grade level in MN.  ‍This legislation has not yet passed.

A few weeks ago, trans-activist Rep. Leigh Finke (DFL) District: 66A, tried to pass legislation on the House floor that would have established protection from discrimination for people whose “sexual orientation” is defined as a pedophile. Current law excludes “sexual orientation” protection for pedophiles. However, a new sexual identity called MAP (Minor Attracted Person) is being pushed across the country, and proponents are seeking sexual orientation protection for a MAP identity. Finke needs to explain how this will protect Minnesota children.

Gov. Walz’s idea of “safe” clearly doesn’t mean what normal people think it means. Minnesota is now officially one of the most dangerous states in the country for children.

“Elections have consequences and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.”- Steve Bannon

May 12, 2023