Linda Harvey of Mission America, an authority on this subject, discusses the dangers behind Social Emotional Learning’s mindfulness training.

(80 minutes with Q&A)
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“My grandchildren have been taught mindfulness already in their classrooms. They know all about meditating cross legged.” (Carver, Eagan)

Mindfulness: The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Spiritual Craze

Why is mindfulness showing up in the classrooms? What does mindfulness have to do with SEL? How are children at risk?

Mindfulness is pouring into the public schools and around the country. Eastern meditative spiritualism is usually partnered with social emotional learning (SEL). For years, many schools have been using these and other forms of daily spiritualism, like “the circles.” (Alexandria) If your children are in public schools, and listen to them carefully, you may discover these are in their schools, too.

Linda Harvey is president and founder of Mission: America, a media outreach founded in 1995 featuring Christian commentary on current cultural issues. Mission: America grew out of Harvey’s advertising and public relations career. She has authored two books and hundreds of articles published on sites, including, among others, The Christian Post, The Stand, American Thiinker, and World Net Daily. Her weekly radio commentaries are broadcast on the Salem Radio Network in Columbus, Ohio. She is a frequent guest on talk shows throughout the country, testifies often on legislation at the Ohio Statehouse and is a regular conference speaker. Linda Harvey serves on the board of Protect Ohio Children. She is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio and is a wife, mother, and grandmother.

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March 11, 2024