The Systemic Racism Built into Critical Race Theory (CRT)

This email update is the third installment of CPL’s Cultural Marxism primers (Marxism 101, Marxism 102). Our goal is to provide easy-to-understand synopses of how Cultural Marxists are radically transforming American culture. As we described in the first two installments, Cultural Marxists began their “long march” through our institutions over 70 years ago. Their primary target was our educational system, since they understood that “culture, not economics, was the center of any revolution.”

Language shapes culture and “if you can change the way children speak, you will create social change” without firing a shot. Since then, they have successfully captured academia, the American Library Association, universities, teaching colleges, teacher licensing, education departments, and the teachers’ unions. This matrix is now indoctrinating generations of children with a radicalized “education” devoid of genuine academic excellence but rife with social justice, gender theories, revisionist history and activism. They have done so using deconstructed language and hyper-sexualizing children.

Another key tactic the Cultural Marxists are using to destroy America is dividing people along racial, social, and economic strata and then assigning power or victimhood to those group identities. This pedagogy falls under the umbrella of Critical Race Theory (CRT). As David Horowitz wrote:

False claims of racism, sexism and all the various forms of oppression channel that envy and resentment, the private passions of the dissatisfied (but often materially wealthy) leftist, into ideologically approved categories making personal resentments into a power grab.

The radicals masquerade in a perpetual state of victimhood because it licenses their destruction. Envy and resentment” are “the key passions of the progressive mind.”

Oppression justifies violence, terrorism and then a total takeover. Thus, Democrats – progressives – are not soft on crime, they are pro-crime. They regard crime as a primitive form of “social justice.”

CRT is Racist Dogma. Full Stop.

Rather than judging people on the content of their character, people are judged by the color of their skin. Then they are labeled either “oppressors” or the “oppressed.” This creates division, anger, jealousy, bitterness, shame, helplessness, and entitlement in the classroom. And a lot of violence. CRT is all about achieving “equity” and equal outcomes…NOT true equality. Therefore “equity” justifies activism, agitation, and the destruction of social norms, institutions, rules, and expectations—all in the name of “equity.” Cultural Marxists believe achievement-based education is racist, and therefore, in the name of equity, an increasing number of high schools no longer require demonstrating proficiency in math, reading and writing so graduation rates among minority students can increase.

CRT is so powerful that straight, white, heterosexual kids…especially girls, are flocking to assume “marginalized” identities. The fastest growing “trans” demographic is the suburban white teen girl. Since they have committed the unforgivable sin of being born an “oppressor and privileged,” their only avenue to enjoying full “inclusion” is to reject their heritage and either champion or become one of the celebrated victim identities.

We see young people struggling with shame, guilt, and fear because they don’t know how to operate in a world that says they are evil and systemically corrupt.

We also see young people everywhere hating themselves, their heritage, and their country. They champion causes and movements that will ultimately silence their voices, strip them of their rights and perpetuate continued racism. This is the poison fruit of constant propaganda. The video on X from Any Ngo, as well as others like it, is an example of intense school indoctrination. Young people, trained to be “anti-racist,” not only engage in antisemitic abuse, but, shockingly, most of the girls wore veils and some even wore niqabs (full face coverings). They have fully accepted the worldview of what they have been told is the “oppressed” identity group. They are in revolt against America.

What Do We Do?

First, STOP CALLING KIDS RACISTS!  REJECT the racist pedagogy called Critical Race Theory. Challenge others, including those in positions of authority, to explain why they subscribe to such a racist theory to begin with. Insist they explain their terms. Challenge them to answer why it’s fair to discriminate against non-black and brown people. Be prepared to answer the reason this violates the laws of justice. (Refer to Defining the Terms of Cultural Marxism.)

Second, discuss the TRUTH about equity. Equity is a perversion of justice, and it is discriminatory. When it comes to education, how are minority young people prepared for their futures, for jobs and independence if they are allowed to graduate barely literate?

Third, REJECT Social Emotional Learning (SEL), the vehicle that brings Critical Race Theory  into the classroom. Schools often claim they are not teaching CRT. Of course, K-12 schools don’t teach the philosophy of CRT, but CRT is the foundation of SEL in the form of culturally responsive teaching, cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion, to name just a few.

The very things Marxists target for destruction such as the traditional family, God, truth, justice, and morality are the very essentials needed to provide security, protection, and stabilization for children. We must strongly oppose this Marxist revolution and teach our children to do the same.

As David Horowitz also said:

For progressives the issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution. Every revolution begins with destruction. Every revolutionary is focused on the means to “dismantle” the existing social order, not on devising workable blueprints for the future. Consequently, they are experts at destruction, but criminally incompetent at construction.

Pease visit our CRT website page for more in-depth analysis of CRT plus free tools such as handouts and resources.

CRT is a racist and toxic ideology that is poisoning generations of children.
It must be stopped!