Last week we provided a brief history of how Cultural Marxists targeted the destruction of America through cultural revolution. Marxists understand that the center of any revolution is the culture and if they can change how children speak and think, they will achieve cultural revolution. Marxists have captured education and have been indoctrinating American children for the past 70 years. Marxism 101 is an easy-to-understand primer you will find useful. Please share it with others.

One of the primary educational and cultural capture tactics Marxists use is the deconstruction of language. Marxists have created a whole vocabulary of innocuous sounding words which mask radical and racist agendas. The terms and pedagogies are filtered through the Marxist lens of equity which is not the same as equality. Equity is the attainment of equal outcomes by taking from perceived “oppressor” groups and transferring whatever is needed to the perceived “oppressed” groups. It is a perversion of justice and reverse discrimination.

A second tactic used to radicalize children is to hyper-sexualize them. The early Marxists began normalizing first homosexuality, then promiscuity, sexual “freedom” and reproductive “rights.”  Now gender has been deconstructed to mean all sexual orientations and any personal identities a child may imagine at any given time. Gender has been completely unmoored from biological reality.

Disconnecting gender from biological reality accomplishes three primary Marxist goals: destruction of the traditional family, destabilizing youth by repudiating reality/truth, and hatred for God. When children are taught to assume the power and authority to create their own genders, they act as their own little “gods.”

Destroying the Family

50 years of abortion on demand murdered over 60 million unborn American children. That’s almost 20% of our current population. Treating human life as disposable and morally irrelevant has hardened children to the value of human life. Children as young as 10 are taught that abortion is their right and part of their bodily autonomy. They are NOT taught about the moral and emotional devastation which accompanies the choice to abort. Nor are they taught about the intrinsic value of every human life or an unborn baby’s right to life.

Young children are also taught that sexual pleasure is their right. With the onslaught of Comprehensive Sex Ed, youngsters receive detailed, explicit how-to guides for engaging in every imaginable kind of sexual activity, including perversions and practices that make them vulnerable to physical harms, emotional harms and sexual exploitation.

Hard core, pornographic and vulgar books fill the shelves of our schools and local libraries. Drag Queens, some with known histories as sexual predators, are reading pro-LGBTQIA+ books to toddlers and youngsters.

And now, trans-mania is sweeping up American children and youth. Gender confused children are encouraged to pursue unattainable delusions of “changing” or “transitioning” to the other sex. Parents are coerced into “affirmation only” approaches through social and legal pressure. In Minnesota and many other states, if the parent objects to “gender affirming healthcare,” the child can now be taken from their parents. But parents have every right to object, because gender-affirming healthcare is not healthcare at all. It’s a euphemism for filling children with wrong sex hormones that wreak physical and mental havoc on their bodies and frequently mutilating perfectly healthy bodies causing permanent sterility.

The Marxists have targeted the destruction of the family by hyper-sexualizing children through fantasy genders, promoting sexual experimentation and pornography, denying truth, denying the consequences of irrevocable decisions, and killing innocent life.

Schools will not self-correct. We repeat…schools will not self-correct. Parents must understand the magnitude of the war being waged upon our children and why. They must understand the consequences of “sitting it out” and thereby allowing it to continue.

Parents must fully engage in the education of their children. Perhaps it is time for a mass exodus from the public school system? The Marxists own the schools. Remember, as we wrote last week, language shapes culture and our children are being transformed through intensive, sophisticated indoctrination techniques. The lies denying the intrinsic value of human life, sexual identity, biological reality, truth, history, and America are relentless.

Parents and families are the last institution standing between a complete Marxist takeover of America and freedom. Parents must ensure their children know who they are and our true history, and that they are never to be ashamed of how God created them. Parents and families must once again teach their children a right understanding of human sexuality to protect and prepare them for human flourishing, for civilization stabilization, and to prepare them to face the challenges that await them.

CPL’s website is filled with free resources and links which can provide any family with the information they need to assume their rightful place as the chief teachers, protectors, and providers for their children.  Please feel free to use them!