Facing Cultural Marxism in Our Schools and Understanding the Language

More than 70 years ago, Cultural Marxists set out to destroy Western Civilization. They did not believe in God, truth, equality, personal responsibility, or the traditional family. Every single institution or principle which provided stability, peace and hope was targeted for destruction.

Marxists’ traditional means of destruction was the destabilization of societies by fomenting anger, accusations, and jealousy between its people. While early Marxists divided the world into the economic classes of the haves and the have-nots, the later Cultural Marxists divided people into identity groups and assigned “power” to those groups. Some were identified as “oppressors” and some were identified as “victims.” This stratification rationalized and justified “victims” taking by force whatever they believed they deserved from the “oppressors” to achieve “equity.”

But the Marxists recognized they could not start a revolution in America this way. They could not force Americans to turn against each other right out of the gate.

Instead, they began the “long march” through the institutions which would ultimately create the controllable, predictable Marxist revolutionaries they needed to champion the very things necessary to destroy American heritage and culture. These converts would willingly, and blindly destroy their own future, believing they were standing for real justice and fairness.

The similarities to Mao’s Red Guard cannot be ignored.

The “long march” didn’t focus on economics but culture itself because culture was the true center of real revolution. They specifically targeted education to get to the kids. They knew that if they changed how children speak and think, it would create social change, because children with changed beliefs and worldviews, grow into adults who transform the culture around them.

Marxists famously said, “who needs guns when we can capture the children?”

Through education, they deployed one of their primary tactics, deconstructing language… because language shapes culture. Today children are being indoctrinated with an entire vocabulary of words and pedagogies using innocuous sounding phrases like “responsible decision making,” “self-awareness,” and “empathy.” These are values all parents want instilled in their children, so parents are on board. But what parents don’t understand is that every term and concept is filtered through a Marxist lens…the lens of “equity.” Equity defines people by their identity groups, not as individuals. Equity requires that all identity groups have equal outcomes regardless of individual effort or achievement. Every disparate outcome between the “oppressor” groups and the “oppressed” groups is considered the only evidence needed to claim that all cultural norms and existing civil government are irreparably racist.

It’s a Marxist worldview deliberately constructed to deceive students and their families. And they have been wildly successful.

Today, just about every school in the nation is adopting and implementing Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL has replaced academic learning for psychosocial emotional therapy. All children are assessed for “trauma” and data-mined through constant surveys, questionnaires, and assessments. Mitigations and behavioral interventions are deployed without parental knowledge to transform children into holding values, attitudes and beliefs that are acceptable to Marxist thought. Everything in SEL is filtered through the lens of equity, which is the core belief of all forms of Marxism.

The MN Dept of Education is laser focused on transforming education through the lens of “equity.”

The teachers’ union Education MN PAC poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into local school board races supporting their woke candidates in the recent November election.

In September, Minneapolis hosted the International Marxist school. Alpha News obtained exclusive audio from that Marxist meeting. Speakers stated that “conditions for the socialist revolution exist in this country today” while warning that failing to “commit fully to the ideas of Marxism will result in death.” Speakers warned of coming “chaos” and that a “movement” like the George Floyd riots of 2020 is “being prepared” at a “much higher level.” Remember who most of the Floyd protestors were? Youth. The youth have been trained in Minnesota for exactly this kind of social action.

We believe one of the most effective ways to combat this revolution is to define the terms Cultural Marxists use. Please go to our CPLaction.com web page where you will find Cultural Marxist terms with their meanings including a printable, sharable and downloadable PDF. You will find the list illuminating and extremely useful. Please bring it with you next time you’re in any discussion about Critical Race Theory (CRT), Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (DEI), social justice, cultural competency, etc. |
The terms of Cultural Marxism must become one of your go-to resources.

The Marxists are deadly serious about achieving this revolution. One of the September Marxist school speakers said, “The cost of [their]failure is death.”

We must take back our language. We must equip our families. We must protect and equip our kids. We all must stop being duped.