December 2016

As the year 2016 closes, Child Protection League Action realizes that our work is needed more now than at any other time since we began.

The changes of 2016 have been monumental. Some of the changes are tremendously hopeful and exciting. Others are utterly tragic.

Since the November 8th election, the cultural and political ground has shifted massively in important ways. In our battles against the ‘Bullying Bill,’ against the Minnesota State High School League’s policies forcing schools to allow gender confused boys into girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, and in support of children’s privacy and safety in schools, parents and voters found themselves up against illegitimate directives coming straight from the top. Federal agencies, even the President personally, were forcing a radical sexual agenda upon the entire nation.

The U.S. Department of Justice, the Department of Education, the Office of Civil Rights, and other agencies demanded that states, families, schools, businesses, even churches comply with their radical, new redefinition of sex, family, and parental rights.

As a result, children in schools across the nation are now told that minors have ‘sexual rights,’ that they should organize and protest to get them, and that parents should get out of the way. Any who object are deemed ‘bullies.’ Children are also now told that their sex is a spectrum of possibilities, and that biology does not determine sex. In short, we learned that federal agencies were taking aim directly at parents and families across America!

When middle Americans had a chance to actually push back, push back they did, and the reaction was evident not only at the presidential level, but at state and local levels, as well.

We are only 7 weeks out from that election, and already we have seen an enormous shift. The new administration’s appointments to powerful federal agencies are encouraging. One thing we can say with confidence is that the Department of Justice and the Department of Education will not be gunning for us. In the end, we may end up with some real allies.

This is a fundamental change, especially in light of the expectation that new appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court will not be judges who believe they should redesign the Constitution to suit the latest dangerous cultural fads. In June, the court is expected to issue a major transgender ruling. A public school district (Gloucester County) in the state of Virginia is defending its right to prevent a female transgender high school student from using the boys’ bathroom. That ruling will set an important precedent going forward.

The reaction of the cultural Left to the dramatic political turnabout has been to dive deeper. Perhaps it’s their fury at being politically up-ended.

For example, the latest National Geographic cover story features a nine-year-old transgender rights activist, Avery Jackson. A new first! An entire Special Issue in January 2017 is devoted to “an exploration” of the “gender revolution.” What does this have to do with geography? An innocent and confused young child is being used as a battering ram by gender activists. They never hesitate to hide their dangerous and deceitful ideas behind vulnerable children!

Unbelievably, aggressive attempts are underway to mainstream pedophilia. Child porn has become rampant, and the images being exchanged are usually of real children who are subjected to torture, degradation, and terror. We anguish to even share with you that Miley Cyrus has a revolting song and video out presenting herself as a baby inviting infant copulation and using vulgar obscenities. (Out of simple discretion, we won’t share the pictures with you.) Meanwhile, too many stories are coming out of real babies being raped.

One more example of the radical overreach of the cultural Left comes out of California, a frequent bellwether of national trends.  A Senate Bill (SB18) has been introduced that would allow government to step in when parenting and family life differ from the state’s official “research-based essential needs” of children. Of course, the bill’s author insists this is necessary to “protect children’s rights.” In reality, the legislation puts government in full authority in every home. (SB18 mirrors a pending UN treaty, the “Rights of the Child.”)

Child Protection League’s work suddenly takes on a new urgency. We are at a pivotal place in the history of our nation, and the Child Protection League’s voice and actions play a unique and indispensable role. We must take full advantage of the opportunities before us to identify and roll back the abuses and mandates that have been imposed on our land. We are able and prepared for such a time as this.

Please equip us for this task with a generous, end-of-the-year contribution. CPLAction is a non-tax deductible 501c4. You may also choose to donate to our tax deductible 501c3, the Minnesota Child Protection League. Our website links to the lawsuit filed in November that MN CPL is supporting. You may read there the story of MN CPL’s Protect Children’s Privacy and Mental Health Fund. Look for new lawsuits to be forthcoming in the months ahead.

Legislative remedies will be introduced in the Minnesota legislature in 2017, and CPLAction will ask you to contact your legislators about those upcoming bills. CPLAction empowers the grassroots to protect children from exploitation, indoctrination and violence. We need your help!

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!


Michele Lentz
President, CPLAction