May 21, 2015

Legislature Says NO
to Student Physical Safety & Privacy

The Minnesota House and Senate passed their 2015 Omnibus Education Bill early this week, failing to provide the necessary physical protections that would have been afforded by requiring schools to provide separate bathroom, shower and locker room facilities between biological boys and biological girls.

Last April, on a voice vote, the House accepted an amendment to the Omnibus Education Bill that would have prohibited schools from allowing students to simply “self-select” the male or female private facilities of their choice. The Minneapolis and St. Paul School Districts have already chosen this policy of gender radicalism for all of their K-12th grade schools. The Senate, however, defeated the amendment, with three Republicans joining the Democrats in opposition, and one Democrat voting with the remaining Republicans in support.

Neither the House nor the Senate challenged the actions of the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) allowing boys who think they are girls to play as girls on the girls’ teams, in spite of the fact that current state and federal laws make plain that girl-only sports teams do not violate laws prohibiting sex discrimination.

When CPLAction took out its first newspaper ad notifying the public where the MSHSL was headed (see our ad here), we stated frankly: A male want to shower beside your 14-year-old daughter. Then we asked the question: Are you okay with that?

No, the public was not okay with that. The reaction against the MSHSL was overwhelming. But the pressure from high places, as high up as federal agencies with a very radical agenda, directed the MSHSL in their disregard for the public, for common decency, and for the simple safety of our children. The MSHSL chose instead to take a sharp and dangerous turn in our culture and values. The ramifications are profound.

How is it that, against the public will, public education is being used as the vehicle to imprint on our young people a new and alien gender radicalism that mocks modesty and bullies compliance? Which leaders will rise to forcefully and publicly speak out to defend our most vulnerable, rather than hush this under a mantle of silence?

Look for more from CPLAction on the direction forward. The most important work lies ahead. Many of you have become activated, and we thank you profoundly for your faithfulness. Your voices were heard, but your voices were not heeded. That part has to change. Our voices must be amplified and leveraged. Scorning parents, voters, and taxpayers when it comes to protecting our children has consequences.

And finally, it has been a long fight and a long legislative session, and our resources are exhausted. Please consider supporting CPLAction financially, so that we can continue to protect children and the rights of parents.

Thank you.