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On April 23, 2019, 73 Minnesota House members voted to mandate that all Minnesota pre-K to 12 public/charter schools teach Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE).

Representative Peggy Bennett (R) introduced an amendment to delete the CSE mandate from the omnibus education spending bill. A vote to remove the CSE mandate was a YEA vote; a good vote. A vote to keep the CSE mandate in the omnibus bill was a NAY vote; a bad vote. Roll Call Vote (PDF) list.

Every Democrat in the House, with two exceptions, voted to make CSE educational law. Governor Walz also supports it. Thankfully, the Senate refused to accept it, so the mandate did not pass. YET!

So where does CSE stand right now? This vote tells us that if these DFL legislators are re-elected this election, they will pass CSE next session. And if Republicans lose control of the Senate, CSE will easily become law in Minnesota.

Are they being held accountable? Who is holding them accountable for voting to force CSE on Minnesota children? Who is holding them accountable for voting to make Minnesota taxpayers
pay for curriculum that harms their own children and grandchildren and the children of our state?

Comprehensive Sex Education is graphic content with explicit instructions about:

  • vaginal, anal and oral sex
  • masturbation
  • gender fluidity
  • sexual role playing
  • minors’ ability to consent
  • abortion ‘rights’
  • young people having the ‘right’ to be sexually active
  • ways to bypass parental involvement

The CSE mandate is a Planned Parenthood creation that would also allow unlicensed Planned Parenthood workers into the classroom to teach. The largest promoter of CSE, Sexuality Information & Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS), calls CSE a “culture shift,” and strategy for “social change.” In fact, on their website they state: “sex education has the power to spark large-scale social change… Sex ed sits at the nexus of many social justice movements—from LGBTQ rights and reproductive justice to the #MeToo movement…”

Is your Republican candidate challenging his or her incumbent on this issue? If you have an incumbent Republican, are he or she telling the public about the horrific CSE mandate and their vote to stop it? Are they warning their constituents that many of our Minnesota schools are already teaching this in the classroom?

Friends, CSE is a war against children. Let’s just call it what it is. Tell the public what the leftists are doing to our children. If candidates are afraid to campaign on this issue, how can we count on them to follow through if elected? It’s not enough for them to vote right. Candidates must stand against CSE and expose it!

Contact your local candidates. Let them know you expect them to be vocal, to speak up, to make this one of their central issues this election. This is the most powerful issue they have and it’s a winning one. This is why incumbent CSE supporters go ballistic whenever the issue is raised!

You can help to make CSE a very public issue by distributing our CSE Handout (PDF) door to door. Print them or order them from us at Be sure you take every opportunity to tell them which candidates are protecting kids from CSE and which ones would
force CSE on our children.

Thank you.

P.S. Listen to this short video clip of Representative Eric Lucero during the debate on the House floor. Representative Lucero re: Mandated CSE

October 9, 2020