Government entities, like the CDC and the FDA, continue ignoring ‘the science’ and mountains of evidence which show the covid shots are harmful for children and people of ALL ages. They are not “safe and effective” …they look unsafe and ineffective.

These entities continue resisting full transparency and refuse to publish or release their own safety data. Researchers have only gained access to it by force through FOIA requests or under court order. Why is that?

Many researchers, scientists and doctors are paying attention to the science and publishing their analysis over the internet.  However, except for a few instances, the mainstream media refuses to share their published findings with the American people.

Child Protection League has developed a simple tool you can give to people and/or leave anywhere.  It’s a business card with a QR code linking directly to the landing page Know the Dangers has linked articles and videos that will help educate people on the risks and dangers of the covid shots. The information is updated on a regular basis.

Please contact us at if you would like to receive some of these business cards to share with others.

Thankfully, covid shot uptake around the country is dwindling because people can ‘see’ with their own eyes what is happening around them. Rasmussen released a stunning poll revealing that up to 12 million Americans reported suffering “major side effects from the shots….and almost 50% believe sudden deaths may be linked to the shot. 28% say they personally know of someone whose death may “very likely” be linked to the shot. These are shocking numbers, yet the government continues to gaslight the American public by insisting there is nothing wrong with the shots.

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