gender-radicalism“Gender Radicalism” is a powerful and toxic cultural mandate sweeping through our schools, our government and our civil institutions. It claims full moral authority over our children, subverting the very knowledge of biology and freedom of conscience, exposing them to great physical, emotional, and mental harm.

What is Gender Radicalism based on?

  • A sweeping denial of science and reality: A shockingly aggressive denial of male and female as innate biological realities. Instead, male and female are reinvented and redefined as being a choice, an “expression,” a “fluid” continuum, or an inherent feeling.
  • New categories of human sexuality applied in various combinations: 1) Sex, 2) Gender Identity, 3) Gender Expression, and 4) Sexual Orientation. To gender radicals, a person may be a physical male (his sex), who feels he is a female (his gender identity), who may (or may not) express his gender identity by dressing like a woman (his gender expression). He may be sexually attracted to men, to women, or to both (his sexual orientation).
  • A claim to civil rights: A cultural, and increasingly, a legal stipulation that all gender choices, expressions, and feelings must be afforded the full recognition by society and individuals–schools, fellow students, businesses, fellow employees – of being entirely real and valid and that they must receive full civil rights protections that historically have been reserved for people with specifically defined immutable physical characteristics.
  • A conviction that all sexual boundaries are misguided, invalid, and detrimental: This results in normalizing sexual activities that have been recognized as dangerous, deviant, and in need of correction. Examples would be unrestrained promiscuity, BDSM (bondage, dominance, sado-masochism), bestiality, pedophilia and the like.
  • The “hate” narrative: Manipulation and intimidation through words and slogans such as “equality” and “free to love” and calling opponents “bigots” and “hate-mongers” designed to stupefy critical thinking and suppress honest dialogue.

What does Gender Radicalism look like?

  • Sex is chosen: Gender radicals are pushing hard to eliminate designations of sex from birth certificates, because they assert that male and female are not the only two genders, and that a person’s gender “develops” over time. Facebook has over 50 gender identities to choose from in its profile list, including androgynous (neither male nor female) and bi-gender (both male and female). Many of Facebook’s 50 gender identity options would suggest that males be allowed to use the female bathroom. In an actual Canadian incident, a man who claims he is transgender, yet having the entire physical make up of a male, was allowed into the women’s locker room at a YMCA. He stared while an elderly woman struggled out of her wet bathing suit. He was naked, had an erection and flirtatiously asked “do you come here often?” The woman had no legal recourse due to Canada’s transgender discrimination laws.
  • The opposition is demonized into silence: The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) moved to allow boys who think they are girls to play on girls’ teams as if they are girls, in spite of impassioned, overwhelming objection by parents and voters. In response to the public outcry, the Minnesota Governor took to the media to describe objectors as “vicious hate-mongers” and “despicable.”
  • Laws are grossly misinterpreted: With no legal authority, the Obama Administration distributed letters of intimidation to school districts which falsely interpreted federal civil rights to mean that schools are required to allow boys who feel they are girls to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms and to play on girls’ athletic teams and vice versa. In Fairfax County School District in Virginia, the overwhelming objections of the public and parents were entirely disregarded for fear that federal education money would be at risk if districts did not comply with the contrived federal mandate.
  • Treatment is criminal: The counseling of minors who hope to resolve their personal gender identity disorder is being criminalized. Counselors who do provide such professional help are being mocked and demeaned and portrayed as “dangerous” to the point that their businesses are damaged or destroyed. Companies with dress codes now face lawsuits for “hostile work environments” and for restricting bathrooms to biological males or females.
  • Hormones and surgery are the substitute for biology: Dangerous and unapproved hormones are being used and recommended to reverse physical sexual characteristics, and to stop or change the natural development of puberty for even the youngest children who identify as transgender. Research demonstrates that adolescents who identify as transgender usually outgrow that identity when not treated with hormones. Sex re-assignment surgery (SRS), a misnomer, mutilates functional, healthy organs into non-functioning replicas of the organs of the opposite sex. SRS does not change one’s sex. It is non-reversible organ mutilation. It does not resolve gender identity emotional issues, and it is fraught with serious risks and side effects.
  • Sexual distinctions are eliminated: Mothers and fathers, men and women are proclaimed to be interchangeable. Men can be mothers, women can be fathers, aunts can be uncles, grandfathers can be grandmothers, etc. Children are assumed to have no need to know and be loved by biological fathers and mothers. The sexual desires of adults are considered paramount. Pronouns and proper nouns such as “he, she, Father, Mother” are to be abandoned.
  • The public is emotionally manipulated: Gender radicals promote their dangerous no-boundaries sexuality with emotionally charged descriptions of moral equivalence, such as, “equality,” “right to love,” and “be the gender they live.” They enforce public compliance through an accommodating media and a radicalized intelligentsia who extend respectability and pressure to conform.

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