Rochester Doubling Down

The entire narrative supporting gender activism is collapsing worldwide because it is not based upon science nor healthcare. Yet Minnesota schools cling to highly politicized and ideologically driven gender policies that are under intense scrutiny by medical professionals in other countries. MN schools remain utterly tone deaf and are continuing their efforts to force this dangerous and false belief system upon students and the public without real science to back it up.

A few of the major developments exposing the false gender activists’ narrative include:

  • The World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH), considered the leading global scientific and medical authority on “gender medicine” for decades, was exposed as not meeting “the standards of evidence-based medicine, and members frequently discuss improvising treatments as they go along. Members are fully aware that children and adolescents cannot comprehend the lifelong consequences of ‘gender-affirming care,’ and in some cases, due to poor health literacy, neither can their parents.
  • The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) just ruled in a 20-0 unanimous vote that “trans-identifying men” are banned from competing in women’s sports, and women taking male hormones cannot compete in the female division. The NAIA oversees the athletic programs of 249 mostly small colleges across the country. Their action is putting pressure on the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) to follow suit.
  • A landmark review from England’s National Health Service found that children who are allowed to ‘socially transition’ with a new name and pronouns “face grave psychological risks.” According to an article in The Telegraph, “The warning comes amid a huge rise in the number of children identifying as transgender, and deep concern that schools have been allowing pupils to change gender without their parents’ knowledge…[The report considers the] ‘important role of schools’ and the challenges they face in responding to ‘gender-questioning’ pupils.”
  • FoxNews recently reported on a Mayo Clinic study which found puberty blockers could cause “permanent” long-term fertility problems and health issues in boys. Researchers found the blockers caused mild to severe “sex gland atrophy,” “accelerated the aging and function of testicular cells,” and “microlithiasis” which can increase the risk of testicular cancer. In a 2017 report the “U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported 10,000 adverse effects in children”…”including mood swings, cognitive problems, suicidal thoughts, longer-term fertility problems, seizures, migraines, brittle bones, brain swelling and vision loss.”

Instead of pushing the pause button, school districts are pushing the accelerator.

For example: Rochester ISD 525

Last September, Rochester School District Superintendent Pekel implemented new gender identity guidelines without communicating them to parents, the public, or the school board. The guidelines included:

District employees shall not disclose a student’s gender identity, sex assigned at birth, transgender identity, or information that may reveal a student’s gender identity (e.g., birth name) to staff members, students, or parents/guardians of other students, unless such disclosure has been authorized by the student and/or their parent(s)/guardian(s)…

if a parent or guardian requests information about their child who is under the age of 18, including information about whether the child is transgender or whether their child has asked to use a name, pronouns, restrooms, or locker rooms based on the child’s gender identity rather than sex assigned at birth, a staff member must provide that information to the parent/guardian if the staff member is in possession of that information at the time the request is made.

These contradictory directives raise significant questions about maintaining two different school records: the “official record,” which reflects a student’s biological gender and given name, and “other school records and documents,” which are “not required to use a student’s legal name and gender.”

Which records will the parents be given if parents ask about the status of their child when the child has not “authorized” gender disclosures? We already know the district is keeping secrets from parents. And we already know students are socially “transitioning” their sexual identity without their parents’ knowledge.

A Rochester school counselor reported that she was first informed of this policy in February, 5 months after it was authorized. Rochester counselor blows whistle on trans “guidelines.”

A month later, the national organization Parents Defending Education (PDE) outed the Rochester transgender guidelines on “X.”

At a March school board meeting, the school counselor shared how she and others who spoke against this policy which “keeps parents in the dark” have been intimidated by the district.

At the April 8th school board meeting, the community showed up in force to oppose this brazen attack on parental rights and the intentional secrecy behind the guidelines’ adoption.

One testifier at the April school board meeting raised strong objections to the district’s “Equity Policy 105” which adopts “critical consciousness practices,” an overtly Marxist principle. Gender identity and expression are embedded within “Equity Policy 105,” which defines those identities as “historically underserved/marginalized students.” Gender ideology is a pillar of cultural Marxist ideology designed to destabilize the family.

Parents Defending Education has submitted a data practices request to the Rochester school district for public records regarding consultants, training, and contractual relationships with gender activist groups. Incredibly, the district is also against transparency and wants to charge them $15,000 for that data. What exactly are they trying to hide?

This situation is not unique to Rochester. In this case, the secret policy has been exposed, and efforts are underway to inform the parents and the public at large. However, all Minnesota school districts are currently operating under the same Marxist boiler plate of gender ideology, or they are coming under intense pressure to do so.

Investigate your own school policies. Ask questions. Parents, protect your parental rights and the health and genuine safety of your children. School board members, investigate and speak up. Be an objector. Taxpayers, hold your districts accountable. Every one of us has a stake in this battle. Fight for our children. They need protection from these predatory policies.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” —Frederick Douglass

April 16, 2024