cpla-logoAre there school board elections in your district next week? City Council elections?

How about tax, bond, and levy questions that require your voice?

You can find the answers on the Secretary of State’s website and find out what’s on your ballot using the Questions on 2023 General Election Ballot spreadsheet.

How important are local elections?

Local school boards, city councils, tax questions, and every other local election are extremely important. Self-government begins at the local level. “We The People” are ordinary citizens called to serve on Township Boards, City Councils, School Boards, Planning & Zoning Boards, County Commissioners, church boards and civic organizations. We must support, encourage, and vote for honest people with hearts for true public service. Untold numbers of citizens possess the qualifications to run for office and to serve in positions of leadership.

Don’t sit this out! Activism can be hard. But voting is easy!

Who should I vote for? Some helpful resources about school board candidates:

Where do I vote? Voter Information Portal

Pay attention to what’s happening in your local school district.

Most parents have no idea their local school districts are being transformed into radical indoctrination centers through diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Here is an example from one of the states largest districts: Anoka-Hennepin educator willing to lose job in opposing DEI. Anoka-Hennepin is not an outlier or unique because DEI training is happening across the state in school districts and in city, county, and state governments.

Many good candidates who champion academics are running for school board this fall, because academic content is being replaced by feelings and emotions. Alpha News has a comprehensive look at many of those races.

Minnetonka School Board candidate Dan Olson says schools can’t just “pretend the world is all about academics.” He thinks schools should be “safe spaces” where kids can “identify allies” and “have conversations they may not be able to have at home.”

Sheila Qualls’ investigative reporting series is an in-depth account of specific schools, interviewing students, parents and teachers. Season 1 and Season 2 can be found at Trapped, Chaos in the Classroom!

Voting is for Patriots! It’s what we do! No matter what!