A few weeks ago, we alerted you to the newly minted MN Teacher Licensing Requirements which have doubled down on forcing candidates for teacher licenses to affirm and teach radical Marxist pedagogies about race, gender, equity and privilege.

Again we ask, why is Minnesota’s education cartel (including Governor Walz) marching off this Marxist cliff when many appear to be finally waking up to how toxic and detrimental Marxism is to human flourishing and freedom?

Many recent events have exposed DEI for what it is.

For example, every American should watch this stunning exchange between Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and Claudine Gay, president of Harvard at a December hearing before the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce. Gay and the presidents of the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) refused to say that calling for the extermination of Jews violated their campus codes of conduct against bullying and harassment. All three presidents and the DEI programs of these American universities were publicly exposed. Two of the three presidents have been forced to resign. (Curiously and not surprisingly, it helped that Gay was also proven to be a plagiarist.)

Someone who was paying attention was Bill Ackman, a 58 yr. old American of Jewish decent and a billionaire hedge fund manager. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Pershing Square Capital Management. Ackman has long been a darling of the leftist media. He has been an influential and fierce advocate for expanding DEI initiatives in corporate America for years.

Ackman is also a Harvard grad…and a big donor.

When he saw the anti-Semitism rallies and events taking over Harvard, he met with Harvard students and faculty to try to understand. Ackman was horrified to learn that it was Harvard’s DEI initiatives behind the rise of antisemitism on the campus. In fact, he was shocked to discover that Harvard was HOSTILE to pretty much everything he stood for.

In response, Ackman composed a thoughtful and quite remarkable twitter post in early January which should be required reading for everyone. Below are a few excerpts.

Most noteworthy is that Ackman discovered that the word DIVERSITY did not mean what he thought it meant! As CPL has been saying for years, Marxists use common and familiar words, but their meanings are entirely different. Their language is intentionally deceptive. Please refer to our incredibly useful handout, Defining the Terms of Cultural Marxism.

Ackman then recognized that DEI was simply reverse discrimination—racism. And that racism in ANY form is inconsistent with American values, even if it’s dressed up as “opportunities and equity” for others.

While Bill Ackman may never subscribe to CPL email alerts, the fact that someone with his level of influence and experience was manipulated by the language into promoting something he detests demonstrates the level of manipulation we are dealing with. All the DEI, CRT, (Critical Race Theory), and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) terms and concepts are designed to deceive. Do not forget that fact! If the cultural Marxist revolutionaries admitted they are brainwashing school children to be transformed into controllable, predictable, and useful little activists, marching in lockstep toward their own destruction, most parents would recognize this as evil. Their response would be, “not on my watch.” But unfortunately, most Americans are still being fooled by the language of DEI, CRT, and SEL.

Thankfully, Ackman was man enough to admit he was wrong. And even better, he has pledged to root out DEI in other Ivy league schools and in corporate America.

Will the Minnesota education cartel admit they are wrong?

Not a chance. Because they ARE the Marxist apparatus committed to dismantling western civilization. Minnesota’s entire educational system has been overrun by Marxism. They run the teachers’ unions, the American Library Association, teacher licensing, academic standards, teacher colleges, curriculum…all of it.

Parents need to read the room, what is happening to the children. It is time to find and aggressively create educational opportunities and teacher certification outside of public education. If bodies continue filling the seats, public schools have no incentive or reason to offer a better education.

The migration out of public schools has begun in earnest. According to recent articles reporting data from the Brookings Institute research  , thousands of schools are closing their doors due to low enrollment. “Data shows 12% of elementary schools and 9% of middle schools lost at least a fifth of students over a four-year period.”

Many wonderful teachers are looking for real teaching opportunities as well. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to successfully navigate a system which is aligned against them. Let’s begin to create places for them to teach.
If you build it – they will come.

January 24, 2024