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May 2023

Dear Child Protection League Friends,

Child Protection League actively fundraises twice a year with a mailed letter highlighting our work, activities, goals, things to watch for and future objectives. Those who receive it consistently find it an extremely effective summary of our work, and something they wish to share with others.

However, since most of us engage online these days, we are now extending our fundraising requests to our email subscribers. Those of you who have already received this letter in the mail and have sent us support, thank you. For others, this might be the first time you have ever received a request for financial support from us! Practically speaking, we could not do any of this work without the faithful support of individuals like you who are reading this letter. We are a volunteer-driven organization, and 100% of our income is dedicated to the operations, projects and outreach of Child Protection League, our 501c3 and tax-deductible organization, or to Child Protection League Action, our 501c4, non-tax-deductible organization as the donors choose to direct their funds.

We thank you in advance for your consideration in supporting us financially so we can continue our work. Our bi-annual fundraising letter is reprinted in its entirety below with only one change; registration is now open for An Evening with Dr. James Lindsay.

Dear Child Protection League Friends,

We are deeply grateful for your faithful support. Minnesota is in hard times. But your encouragement, your financial support, your engagement with us in our work, sharing information, taking action, and your commitment to stand with us against growing tyranny motivates and inspires us daily.

Special Event!

Child Protection League (CPL) is hosting a major event on October 11th. Please save the date and plan to attend! We are excited to bring Dr. James Lindsay to Minnesota as an evening speaker.

Dr. Lindsay is a national leader on the front lines exposing America’s Marxist transformation being implemented primarily through curriculum and social emotional learning (SEL). Deceptive words like “cultural consciousness,” “culturally responsive teaching,” “ethnic studies,” “self-awareness,” “safe schools,” “inclusion,” and “social justice” mask a toxic political and cultural agenda. America, her history, and the world are being re-defined through a lens of ‘equity.’ ‘Equity’ is a Marxist worldview which divides people into identity groups by power, privilege, race and gender.

Historically Columbus Day has been celebrated on the second Monday of October, two days before Dr. Lindsay arrives in MN. Just last year Governor Walz renamed it Indigenous People’s Day by signed proclamation. Columbus Day was established decades ago to recognize a significant moment in western European history, but western European history is being systematically distorted, debased, and erased.

Dr. Lindsay is a master of identifying and unraveling deception. He has been featured on Fox News, Glenn Beck, Joe Rogan, and NPR, and authored six books, his most recent being, The Marxification of Education. He’ll do a book-signing that night, too, so bring your copy or buy it there.

Registration information is on our website at cplaction.com/Lindsay. Additional perks will be offered for signing up early. Dr. Lindsay is in high demand and seating is limited.

Perversion in School Literature

Children are the targets in this cultural revolution. The explosion of perverse, vulgar, obscene, and pornographic books in public schools shocks our souls. It is beyond comprehension and common sense. CPL has developed sharable presentations and resources to help parents and the public challenge these vulgar books and answer important questions, such as, where does this sexual assault on children comes from? Who exactly is behind it? And why are parents facing organized resistance against removing vulgar content from the shelves?

Why are the American Library Association (ALA) and its state and local chapters leading the charge to make vulgar books available to children? Why are they inviting hyper-sexualized drag queens to parade around and read gender bending books to little kids?

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

By now people know that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is well entrenched in our schools through Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) policies, “ethnic studies,’ and Minnesota’s new teacher licensing standards. But did you know that SEL is CRT’s delivery system? SEL’s psychosocial architecture bakes its ideology into every subject and every class in PreK-12 school curriculum.

SEL has crafted a slick national marketing campaign. Nothing surpasses SEL’s use of deceptive language to lure well-meaning and unsuspecting teachers, administrators, and legislators into its toxic web. We have available on our website an SEL palm card that provides a condensed overview of SEL and how it operates. It is easy to distribute at events and social gatherings. Contact us by email or online to order multiple copies. Visit our website for more SEL information.

Tragically, SEL has infiltrated Christian and other nonpublic schools as well. While parents are increasingly pulling their children out of public schools to escape this dangerous ideology, they are unaware it may already be in their nonpublic school alternative. It can be more difficult to identify when it is cloaked as Christian principles! The good news is that parents have more impact on their private schools and church bodies than in the public schools which are pre-dominantly controlled by the teachers’ union.

In a newly released and nationally published essay, Social Emotional Learning and the Christian School, Allen and Julie Quist expose SEL so-called “Christian SEL” programs. Many Christian based schools have been duped into believing SEL should be used to teach scriptural principles. They could not be more mistaken. The article can be found on our website and on our social media sites. Share it with your local churches, teachers, and Christian schools.

The Virus and the Shot

Unbelievably, the Covid-19 shot is still being promoted for babies, toddlers, and young people who are at no risk for Covid! This is shocking considering many nations have now banned it for children, and some even for adults. A sizeable shift in public opinion in the U.S. challenges the ‘official’ Covid 19 vaccine narratives. Evidence of devastating harms to children has been well-established. The shots are causing heart damage, ‘imprinting’ (which is structural long-term damage of their immune systems), neonatal deaths and countless serious adverse events. CPL sent out an alert in January about a bill introduced in the legislature that would allow licensed daycare providers to require the shots for admittance. Most Minnesota providers have already been requiring the childhood vaccination schedule with no legal authority. This new legal authority would essentially be a covid shot mandate for most Minnesota day care children.

The good news is that the legislation, HF 367 and SF 610, did not receive a hearing in either the House or the Senate. One reason might be that after Pfizer was forced by court order to release its trial documents, there was no way to hide the trail of death and destruction anymore. The shots were dangerous and deadly–especially for children, and Pfizer knew it all along! It is also dangerous for pregnant and nursing mothers. Yet our government, health ‘experts,’ and teachers unions made the shots mandatory. Incentivized by Big Pharma money, our medical complex and corporations forced the shots on both employees and children.

Facing Evil

High profile and respected thought leaders such as Naomi Wolf, Ph.D., Dr. Robert Malone, and Tucker Carlson have independently concluded that we are witnessing an unveiling of powerful forces beyond rationality, forces greater than we have ever seen before in America. We are no longer discussing competing ideas in conventional political terms or partisan political disagreement. We are witnessing the rise of pure evil. And if there is evil, there is morality; and if morality exists, there is a moral Lawgiver. This war is between good and evil.

For example, all of government, our cultural and civic institutions, and most corporate interests are now unabashedly promoting a culture in which children reject their created bodies and claim new gender identities, calling themselves nonbinary, bisexual, transgender, and more. The physical mutilation and chemical castration of minors, even before puberty, are called “life-saving” and “gender-affirming healthcare.” Those who oppose these unethical and barbaric practices are censored, shamed, persecuted, threatened with violence, and now even murdered. Evil is being called good, and good is being called ‘hate.’ Truth has been inverted. Tucker Carlson spoke at the Heritage Foundation on Friday April 21st. His observation comparing good to evil was simple yet profound:

Good is characterized by order, calmness — tranquility, peace, whatever you want to call it — lack of conflict, cleanliness. Cleanliness IS next to Godliness. It’s true, it is. And Evil is characterized by their opposite. Violence, hate, disorder, division, disorganization, and filth. So, if you are all in on the things that produce the latter basket of outcomes, what you’re really advocating for is Evil. It’s true… I’m not making a partisan point, at all. I’m just noting what’s super-obvious.

Given the state of our state, what action is required of each one of us?

First, we must see the terrain. We must recognize that each evil ideology and practice are fronts of a single culture war that has been advancing for decades. CRT, DEI, SEL, CSE, vulgar books, sexualizing children, mutilating and sterilizing vulnerable children, abortion at will, destabilizing the nuclear family, dismantling our governing institutions, open borders, and unchecked and unpunished crime are all designed to destroy families, our civic institutions, and ultimately our nation. They are the strategies for revolution. A cultural revolution is taking power over our children, our families, our schools, our healthcare institutions, our discourse, and our elections before our eyes. All of this is orchestrated.

Next, we must discern our individual responsibility to preserve our heritage, our families, our culture, and our country. It begins with our individual responsibility to turn from our own moral failings. Pray for wisdom and understanding. Know that each of us is here, right now, for a reason. Find that purpose – what we are called to. Turn for answers to the Creator of life.

Finally, we must act. All over Minnesota and the nation, faithful people are assuming their rightful roles and responsibility as citizens of a constitutional Republic to call out this evil and those forcing it upon us and our children. They are being vocal. They take the attacks and refuse to hide in fear. They run for local offices, organize, and participate in parent groups, challenge vulgar books, network with other groups, build relationships in the community and educate others. We must refuse to participate in the delusions of linguistic theft. We must not use words we know are false, but instead expose the deceptive language used to control us. We must once again trust our own eyes and our own ears. We must refute the lies and liars.

In 1981, Ronald Reagan gave a powerful speech titled “Freedom is not Free.” In it, he talked about a young man named Martin Treptow who was killed in battle during WWII. On his body they found this on the flyleaf of his diary:

America must win this war. Therefore, I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, I will endure, I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost, as if the issue of the whole struggle depended upon me alone.

At that time Treptow was fighting the evil outside our borders.Today, the evil is within our borders, but the exhortation still holds true.

Please join us as we cheerfully do all that we are called to do to recover and preserve the truth of our heritage, to pass on to our children a future that is built upon truth, not lies, one that is built upon good, not evil—one that will bring our children blessing, not chaos and oppression.

We cannot do this work without your faithful financial support. Please consider a generous donation today. Thank you.


Michele Lentz

President, Child Protection League

P.S. Your financial support allows CPL to keep abreast of the issues and relay them to you in a timely manner. For a specified donation, we would like to offer two timeless books as our gift. Thank you for joining with us to fight these battles for our children!

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