November 2023

Dear Child Protection League Friends,

The highlight of our year was our electric and unforgettable “An Evening with Dr. James Lindsay” on October 11th. The in-person interactions and engagements were phenomenal. Many joined the livestream and over 18,000 have viewed the online recording. If you missed the event, we encourage you to watch Lindsay’s presentation on our website at

Dr. Lindsay described the battle we are facing as a battle “to capture the soul of the nation.” His extensive research included the history of how Cultural Marxists captured our schools and how the World Economic Forum and by extension, the UN, plan to capture “everything that might influence culture, churches, and especially, especially, especially schools,” as he described it.

Ten years ago, five moms sitting around a table in a restaurant near the state Capitol formed the Child Protection League (CPL) to defeat the “Safe and Supportive Schools Act.” The “Act” was poised to pass the House when the 2014 session opened. We knew that the bill’s language of “safety and security” for children was poison. But most legislators did not understand its language, and the public had no idea!

The legislation passed, hidden behind innocuous euphemisms such as “safe schools” and “anti-bullying.” The words were a smokescreen and a sophisticated example of how Marxists “deconstruct” language to shape culture. And it continues today. CPL succeeded in exposing the language to legislators, but the Democrat majority passed it. That bill opened the floodgates to a hostile “cultural shift” about sexuality and gender. An unwitting public didn’t know that the word “bully” applied
only to people who objected to normalizing illicit sexual behavior and the fantasy world of fluid
sexual identities. That bill overrode the moral values of local school boards, parents, communities,
and churches.

Fast forward ten years to 2023, and Minnesota schools are now hardly recognizable.

The Amaze Sex Ed Conference this year is an example of merging Comprehensive Sex Education with “systemic racism” and so-called “racial justice.” Parents and others who question any of their pedagogies are labeled haters. Children are turned against their parents, and against each other based upon skin color. Heterosexual norms are labeled “privilege,” and everyone is identified as either an oppressor or the oppressed.

Decoding the Language
Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE), Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and social justice use the same terms that are designed to deceive. All are part of the same Cultural Marxist dictionary which furthers the same agenda. CPL has posted a dictionary of cultural Marxist terms at to decode the language. We recommend you print it, share it, and use it when interpreting educational and cultural policies and programs. We will be manipulated and ineffective if we don’t decode their language!

For example, programs and policies are interpreted through the lens of “equity” in today’s woke-speak. But if you think equity means fairness, you have already been duped. Equity is the opposite of fairness and equality. It means equal outcomes by identity groups.

“Equity” claims that all white, male, Christian, heterosexual, two-parent family-type people are in the oppressor identity group. All non-white, female, homosexual, non-binary, queer, homeless, etc. type people are in the oppressed identity group. Achieving “equity” requires reverse discrimination so oppressed groups are justified in taking from the “privileged” oppressor group to compensate for past real or perceived discrimination toward members of “oppressed” identity groups. Any disparate outcomes in education, health, criminal penalties, and so on between identity groups are presented as “proof” that systemic oppression and bias exist, thus justifying an overthrowing of all cultural norms and government structures. “Equity” plants the seeds for cultural revolution.

According to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) website, “equity” is its foundational principle. In fact, according to the Minnesota government’s website, you will find that “equity” or DEI is the foundational principle of every department and agency. Cultural Marxist “equity” is deeply embedded in our state. Every state grant to nonprofits for administering state funded programs must be deployed through an “equity” or DEI framework which includes grants and programs for childcare, mental health, K-12 education, pre-school, housing, criminal justice, and more.

We are giving you this information, not to overwhelm or discourage you, but to anchor your activism on solid ground. The deck is absolutely stacked against us. But we will succumb to the national and international authoritarian forces intending to overpower us and steal our freedoms and our children’s futures only if we let them. It’s on us to stand our ground, speak the truth, support each other, take up our civil responsibilities, and refuse to comply where we must.

The 2023 Legislative Session
There were clear indicators that the Minnesota 2020 and 2022 elections were fraudulent, and CPL called it out when others wouldn’t. Fraud has catastrophic consequences. The 2023 Minnesota legislative session was exceptionally dark. Democrats now control all three levers of power: the House, Senate and Governorship. Their combined leadership is extreme and ruthless, passing some of the most horrific laws in the nation.

Abortion. While many states moved to enhance protections for the unborn after the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade abortion mandate, the Minnesota Democrats made our state a national abortion magnet. They legalized killing unborn babies up to the moment of birth and removed any requirements for compassionate care for babies who survive an abortion. The babies are left alone to die.

“Gender affirming health care” for minors. This is another extreme law using shamefully deceptive terms. Chemically and surgically mutilating and sterilizing minors does not “affirm” their gender; it’s an act of serious physical and emotional violence against their perfectly healthy bodies. No one ever “medically” changes genders. It’s a grotesque name for an impossible illusion. Nor is it health care or “medically necessary.” Up to 95% of children who are allowed to go through normal puberty desist in their dysphoria and become comfortable in their biological sex. “Changing genders” is the language of deception. Thousands of young people regret their “transitions.”

Yet this Democrat majority removed the right of parents to protect their children from making destructive, life-changing decisions while they are still vulnerable, immature, and clearly emotionally unstable. If the child resides or is simply present in Minnesota, parents both in Minnesota and from any other state who object to these barbaric medical protocols may now lose custody rights of their own minor child. Minnesota is enticing vulnerable children and preventing parents from protecting their children from irreversible damage.

How to Save America
Xi Van Fleet survived Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and she has something urgent to tell us. Her newly published book, Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning, details what she calls “the parallels of two Marxist cultural revolutions: Mao’s revolution in China and the woke revolution in today’s America. Both of which I have lived and am living through. How to save America? It takes extraordinary ordinary people who not only know right from wrong but also have the courage to stand up for truth,” Xi Van Fleet tells us.

The only effective “counter” to this rising authoritarianism is a population that won’t comply. It is “We the People” – ordinary people who do our due diligence, do our civic duty, and step up to the self-governance of our American vision. As positions in civic governance become available on township boards, city councils, school boards, planning and zoning boards, county commissioners, church boards and civic organizations, we must run for these positions or elect honest people with hearts for true public service. Untold numbers of citizens possess the qualifications to run for office and to serve in positions of leadership.

We need to recognize that we are the answer. A key tactic of DEI is division. “Equity” separates people into identities and provokes them to war against each other. We must unite around what binds us: the Constitution; the Declaration of Independence which is America’s Creed; our faith in God; our love of our country; and our commitment to truth. We must have the courage to resist, to speak the truth, and to stand in the face of persecution that will surely follow. It is the only way we can return to America’s founding principles where freedom and liberty reside. Massive waves of change are overtaking our nation, but those willing to pay the price to preserve what is true will determine what remains standing.
Start local. Share the truth. Be bold in what is right. Connect.

Alex Newman writes that throughout history “lower magistrates have defied higher magistrates when necessary. The Magna Carta, which laid the foundation for protection of God-given rights for almost a millennium of Anglo-Saxon history, was the result of lower magistrates forcing the King to respect citizens’ rights. Centuries later, when the people of Magdeburg were ordered by the Holy Roman Empire to abandon their biblical faith, city leaders refused to obey.”

We Live in Very Dangerous Times
Things we have taken for granted are no longer secure. CPL has been equipping parents and the public for a time such as this for the last 10 years. CPL identified Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) publicly exposing it for what it was when few people understood the dangers of CSE. Social Emotional Learning was on our radar in 2014 when we fought the “Bullying Bill.” Gender fluidity, Critical Race Theory (CRT), the roots of transformational learning, the meaning of equity, vicious attacks on parental rights, porn in the schools and how it feeds the sex-trafficking industry, violence in the classroom, Minnesota as a de-facto “sanctuary state” for child abuse predators, new teacher licensing rules that force Marxist and gender ideology on teachers – we have exposed and explained them all and how they are designed to transform our nation into a Cultural Marxist “utopia.”

Through research, writing, and speaking, we provide reliable information for people to be active and effective. Those in Minnesota and across the country continually access our social media and website for actionable information. Beginning in November, CPL will be featured monthly on The Tamara Scott Show on Lindell TV. We have joined many national and state coalitions working to save our children and our nation. All our work helps to prepare and activate citizens to challenge, expose, and overcome the cultural revolution in our midst and to reclaim self-governance.

This letter is twofold, both to communicate our important message to you and our fellow Americans and as a fundraising letter. We consider Xi Van Fleet’s story so important that we would like to offer her book for donations of $200 or more. If you have the means, please give generously to our work. If you are unable to give at this time, this letter is still for you. We need everyone in the battle. We pray for the Lord’s guidance in all our ways.

This letter is written with heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for our long-term supporters, our volunteers, and those just joining the fight. We couldn’t accomplish our mission without you!


Michele Lentz, CPL President

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November 27, 2023