November 29, 2014

Oppose the Athletic Transgender Policy

Leave Your Comments for the MN High School League


The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL)
is taking comments from the public NOW!
Click on the link above and tell them NO!

Please read our Action Alert for more about what you can do
and how important it is for you to act now!

Thank you for calling your MSHSL Reps!


Some MSHSL Reps are giving out false information
when they are being contacted!

If you are told:

This vote will just be used as a ‘policy recommendation’ for the high schools.
The schools will develop their own policy,

Do not believe them!

MSHSL Bylaws require local schools to verify that students have met the transgender eligibility requirements of the MSHSL. But they are not allowed to establish their own eligibility requirements concerning transgender students.

By passing this transgender policy, MSHSL removes any discretion for schools to rule that transgender students are not eligible to play in their schools on teams of their opposite biological gender.

Further, the non-invasive, innocuous word “recommendation” intentionally misrepresents the fact that schools will have no choice in defining transgender eligibility. They will receive MSHSL guidance only in how to comply.


The MSHSL Board is meeting December 4th to pass the transgender policy that will require member schools to allow transgender students the right to choose to participate on the team contrary to their biological gender.

CALL THEM NOW! Tell them:

  1. It is unsafe and an outrageous invasion of personal privacy and dignity, for all students, to mix biological genders in locker rooms, sowers, bathrooms and hotel rooms.
  2. It unfair and unsafe to girls’ sports to be put biological boys on the teams with biological girls.
  3. We reject forcing our children to pretend that that boys who feel they are girls, are “real girls,” and girls who feel that they are boys are “real boys.”

Thank you!