The COVID-19 shots are now officially part of the recommended pediatric vaccination schedule. This is an imminent health crisis for America’s children…and especially for Minnesota’s children. We cannot sit idly by hoping someone else will do something about it. We need everyone to share this information with friends and family, and we urge everyone to speak to their Minnesota state representatives and senators.

For parents of school-age children and children in childcare, know how to seek a conscientious exemption.

The CDC just approved adding the COVID-19-19 injections to the routine childhood vaccination schedule. These are the same experimental mRNA injections formulated for the original viral strain which evolved out of circulation three years ago.

Not only is it well documented that COVID-19 poses no threat to healthy children, but the shots have also been proven to be ineffective in preventing infection or transmission and they are very unsafe. Data continues pouring in showing the shots correlate with high rates of COVID-19 reinfections and legions of deaths and disabilities.

This approval by the CDC now guarantees full and complete immunity to the drug makers from any legal liability or responsibility for deaths and disabilities caused by the shots. According to Robert F. Kennedy of Children’s Health Defense, that is the reason the CDC did this: to protect themselves, the government and the drugmakers. It’s shameless and evil.

What does this mean for children?
According to the graphic below, the CDC is now recommending at least 5-7 COVID-19 injections before a child is 6 years old…injections of a shot that appear to be wreaking havoc on the innate immune system with each additional dose.

Figure 3: Extracted from

Some countries and states have passed legislation prohibiting any mandates of the COVID-19 shots. But states like Minnesota just rubber-stamp the CDC’s recommendation. They do not independently investigate the merits or risk benefits of vaccinations. They give citizens the false
impression that the CDC and FDA have done their due diligence for the public.

But remember this shocking admission from a member of the FDA advisory board last summer?

“We’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is [for children] unless we start giving it.” Eric Rubin

Or how about CDC Director Rochelle Walensky saying in recent testimony before the U.S. Health Subcommittee and the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee regarding the federal response to COVID-19:

“I think that we need to recognize [that] the reason that ACIP recommended, and CDC put forward getting the COVID-19 vaccine on the pediatric schedule, it was the only way it could be covered in our Vaccines for Children program. It was the only way that our uninsured children would be able to have access to the vaccines. That was the reason to put it on the schedule. It can’t be eligible for the Vaccines for Children’s program to be available to the underinsured unless it is on that schedule. That was the reason to put it there. Thank you for allowing me to correct that,” said Walensky.

Jim Hoft correctly reported in the Gateway Pundit, “Walensky lied under oath. The Vaccines for Children (VFC) and Childhood Immunization Schedule are two distinct programs.”

What does the data say?
Senator Ron Johnson conducted a remarkable roundtable in December featuring preeminent doctors, researchers, physicians, nurses, whistleblowers, and people injured by the COVID-19 shots. CPL wrote about this.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a CDC/FDA-managed self-reporting system for adverse reactions, intended to be America’s ‘early warning’ system, continues racking up shocking numbers of deaths, disabilities, and injuries from the COVID-19 injections.

These grim numbers are corroborated by the CDC’s V-Safe program, the CDC’s COVID-19 monitoring and tracking system in which enrolled ‘vaccine’ recipients are encouraged to self- report adverse events and injuries. Both programs have accumulated astonishing numbers. One highly influential researcher, Steve Kirsch, has challenged the CDC to explain why their own safety signals have been ignored!

According to Steve Krisch’s executive summary:

V-safe is a voluntary safety monitoring program put in place by the CDC to monitor adverse reactions after people take a vaccine. The v-safe data shows that 33.1% of the people who got the vaccine suffered from a significant adverse event and 7.7% had to seek professional medical
care. These are extraordinary numbers. They clearly show the vaccines are unsafe, that the CDC deliberately hid this information from the American public, and that the drug companies falsified the data in the trials.

How does this impact us?

A bill introduced in the Minnesota House would strip away the current right to conscientious vaccine exemptions from ALL children in licensed day care facilities that require vaccines, thereby forcing COVID-19 vaccines on a huge percentage of the youngest members of our society. These are the children for whom the CDC now recommends receiving up to 7 doses of the COVID-19 injection through age 6!

Parents who need licensed daycare, under this legislation, would have to permit their children to be injected with the COVID-19 shot or be denied childcare for logically protecting their children from a dangerous, ineffective, and unsafe experimental ‘vaccine.’

This is a health crisis for America’s children…and especially for Minnesota’s children, and we cannot sit idly by hoping someone else will do something about it. We need everyone to share this information with friends and family, and we urge everyone to speak to their state Representatives and Senators.

In October, CPL alerted the public that the CDC Advisory panel had recommended adding the COVID-19 shots to the approved childhood immunization schedule. CPL warned that a Walz victory in November would assure that COVID-19 would be added to Minnesota’s childhood immunization schedule, as well. “It is not an understatement to say the COVID-19 injection is on the ballot in November.”

In December, CPL alerted the public that the mRNA booster was approved by the CDC for babies and toddlers.

Now the CDC has taken the final step, officially adding the COVID-19 shot and all its boosters to the recommended childhood immunization schedule. This is the ‘routine’ schedule that is generally followed unquestioningly by healthcare providers. We expect Minnesota to quickly comply with these CDC recommendations, as the Walz administration has in the past, making the looming passage of HF-367 (removing conscientious exemptions for daycare clients) particularly extreme. CPL will continue sharing updates, information, and resources with all who would like them.

Our state legislators should be hearing from all of us. The COVID-19 shots should never become part of the childhood vaccination schedule. Request some of our new QR business cards ( to hand out and leave around. The URL is regularly updated with current links and resources designed to help you and others be more fully informed about the risks and dangers of the COVID-19 injections.