Data continues pouring in about the dangers of the Covid injections and that healthy children and young adults are dying at rates never seen before.

The stunning lack of journalistic and scientific curiosity to uncover what’s behind these abnormally high death rates raises serious questions about the integrity of our media and medical field. Both have justifiably lost much of the public trust. While it’s true that correlation does not necessarily prove causation, such strong correlations and the routine censoring and character assassination of the highly credentialed individuals who share such findings are significant.

Our email update provides information to review for yourself and to pass on if you wish. We simply want to share with you this very troubling information that impacts children and families.

Early in 2021, healthcare workers, first responders, and our military were mandated to take the experimental Covid 19 mRNA injections or face losing their jobs. There was no safety data provided except government assurances that the shots were “safe and effective.” Then, many private companies followed suit. People faced restricted movement and public participation if they did not submit to the shots. Consequently, “vax” uptake was high among the working age demographic in first world nations.

Since then, all-cause mortality and disabilities rates have sky-rocketed in this historically healthy demographic which also enjoys excellent healthcare benefits. Many doctors, scientists, and data analysts have been independently researching and sounding the alarm, because the rates are not slowing down.

In 2021, Edward Dowd, an ex-Wallstreet and Blackrock executive whose skill is looking at data and recognizing patterns and trends for investment strategies, wanted to know why so many athletes were dying suddenly; so he began looking at U.S. death data. Based upon what he discovered, Dowd compiled and reported his findings in his best-seller, “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022.

He found that excess deaths in 2020, mostly among the elderly, rose to 500K. That number was alarming, but not as much as excess deaths in 2021, when the U.S. reported an additional 500K excess deaths. However, this time Dowd found the age group was a huge mix of old to young – Gen X and millennials. By the third quarter of 2021 using actuarial data (and actuaries can’t fudge their data), he discovered millennials experienced an 84% excess death rate above trend. This is completely abnormal, since employed young adults tend to be quite healthy.

Insurance companies began reporting the same phenomena. In January 2022, the CEO of the $100 billion dollar company, One Life Insurance reported that all-cause mortality was up 40% in their 19-49 working age demographic. The CEO said, “Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic…. 40% is just unheard of.”

The U.S. has not been transparent nor forthcoming with meaningful data. The UK recently released data from their Personal Independence Pension System (PIPS). Dowd calls PIPS “very rich” because their disability system identifies the causes of the human system and records actual cases. This means the causes have been vetted for actual payouts. The charts below cover trends through January 2023, and they are shocking.

During a recent interview on the Dr. Drew show, Dowd explained the chart below using the PIPS data:

Almost every category on this chart is jaw-dropping. But look at haematology (blood and blood disorder injuries). Dowd calls what is being reported here to be as likely as “a black hole appearing near the earth, and we get sucked in in two years.” It could not naturally occur on its own.

In the interview, Dr. Kelly Victory, a board-certified ER doctor, noted that all the categories on this chart reflect epidemics of inflammatory issues. We now know the spike proteins from both the Covid 19 infection and injections cause massive inflammation. But as she noted, the shots make the body a perpetual spike protein factory which doesn’t seem to have a shut off like a naturally occurring infection which the body will eventually clear. People whose bodies have been injected with the shot are in a continual inflammatory state which causes a whole host of issues.

Dowd calls what’s happening in the UK a “black swan event,” meaning it is exceedingly rare, beyond any normal expectation, and portends potentially severe consequences.

Dowd and his team are imploring doctors and other scientists to peer review their findings and explain what is going on. As he said, “We’re not doctors…we’re just data guys,” and they hope someone will prove their numbers wrong. Because if they’re correct, what’s happening in the UK is also happening in the U.S. New data seems to indicate that it is.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Survey, June 2023 saw a massive spike of 1.2 million newly disabled people as illustrated in the chart below:

And it’s not just disabilities that are rising—deaths are too.

Ethical Skeptic, who lists his credentials as a “Trade Corporate & National Strategy Postgrad Systems Science & Engineering, US Naval Intelligence, CEO ENTX Biden White House, “Random Dude on Twitter,” and a researcher many other highly credentialed people cite as a reliable source, has begun crunching CDC Wonder data on all-cause mortality, and it’s horrific. All-cause mortality in the US:

All-cause mortality in the US among 0-24:

Since 2021, children and young adults began dying at rates never seen before. As the Ethical Skeptic noted, the baseline is ZERO because this demographic just doesn’t die off like this.

The data is becoming so alarming and hard to hide that one main stream media outlet published this article a few days ago:

Sometimes nuggets of truth are found in the most unexpected places. American rapper Ice Cube nailed it when he told Tucker Carlson it during a recent interview:

Of his decision not to get the Covid 19 shot. “I know what they said. I heard what they said, I heard them loud and clear.” “It’s not their decision. There [are] no repercussions if they are wrong. I get all the repercussions if they are wrong.” Cube said he wanted to be an example for his children and to ensure that they also declined to get vaccinated. “Show them that I was willing to stand on my convictions and that I was willing to lose $9 million and more,” he said in reference to the comedy he was slated to star in with Jack Black. (emphasis added)

We hope information like this will continue to reach the public so they can verify this research and make informed decisions about their health. May we never again blindly follow nor allow ourselves to be used as guinea pigs. All the negative repercussions from the injections thus far have been suffered by innocent men, women, and children.

Look for our follow up email that will examine the data concerning reproductive harms. The data will shock you, and it is information we must all share with our family and friends, for their safety and the safety of children!