Why are students being assaulted and sometimes killed by violent students in Minnesota?
Why are teachers being assaulted by violent students?
Why are students afraid to go to the bathroom at school?
Why are students having so much trouble learning?
Why are families trapped in failing and unsafe districts?
Why is there such chaos in the classroom?
Why aren’t our students and teachers safe?
What, if anything is being done about it?

Why are schools failing our kids?

Sheila Qualls of Alpha News has created a MUST SEE 5-part postcast series called Trapped: Chaos in the Classroom. Sheila talks to parents, students, cops, administrators, and teachers to examine the problems in Minnesota’s public education system.

You will be shocked. You will be outraged.  And you will find out what must be done to stop it.

Episode 1: The High Stakes of Low Expectations

Episode 2: The Proven Failures of Restorative Justice.

Episode 3: Sacrificing Education on the Altar of Ideology

Episode 4: The Social Emotional Learning Lie

Episode 5: What Can Parents Do?

All episodes will be posted at Trapped: Chaos in the Classroom by Alpha News.

If you are on Twitter, join the “Twitter Space” conversations with Sheila Qualls every Monday at 8 pm following the Thursday release of each episode.  Please tune in.