The MN Legislature is poised to become a sanctuary state for the mutilation and sterilization of emotionally unstable children.

“There are no ethical boundaries to what they will do. It is all about the utilitarian end justifies the means…You have to completely park any idea of justice, right and wrong.”
Dr. Robert Malone, 5th Generation Warfare.

Child mutilation advocates in Minnesota are shockingly poised to legislate that Minnesota’s justice system will assume “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over children from any state in the nation who are denied access to sex-mutilating surgeries, puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones in their home state.

As written, HF146 & SF63 authorizes the MN judicial system to violate the sovereign rights of other states to protect their citizens from harm and violate the rights of parents who refuse gender mutilation on their children. (Only one parent’s involvement is required. The parental rights of the other parent can be violated.) If another state prohibits gender mutilation on its minor citizens, under HF 146/SF63, Minnesota would not recognize that other state’s law and would refuse to enforce subpoenas or any criminal action against a person for providing prohibited gender mutilation services. This legislation will establish Minnesota as a national magnet for child gender mutilation services.

Transgender interventions are simply the sterilization and mutilation of emotionally unstable children. How is this different from eugenics?

Transgender interventions, deceitfully labeled as ‘gender affirming’, are horrific. Young adolescent males are chemically sterilized, and young women are chemically forced into early menopause. Children are robbed of their normal puberty, the time during which the majority of gender confused children desist and become comfortable in their biological sex.

At least 5 studies indicate that nearly 100% of children who pursue puberty blockers will identify as trans and be conscripted into a lifetime of toxic cross-sex hormones and encouraged to pursue sterilizing and mutilating surgeries – none of which reduce suicide risk.

Adult studies have found that the use of cross-sex hormones and surgeries still result in suicide rates far above that of the general population.

According to a recent paper claiming that puberty blockers resulted in decreased suicide ideation: Pubertal Suppression for Transgender Youth [sic]& Risk of Suicidal Ideation. Pediatrics (Feb. 2020) Table 3 shows that Gender distressed youth on puberty blockers had double the rates of serious suicide attempts resulting in hospitalization compared to the control group(45.5% versus 22.8%)!

The most common puberty blocker given to gender confused kids in the U.S., Lupron, is one example of what is called “gender affirming healthcare.” Lupron is used on sex offenders as a chemical castration agent.

Lupron’s package insert warns of emotional instability as a side effect and appeals to “Monitor for development or worsening of psychiatric symptoms during treatment.”

Underlying psychiatric conditions in gender confused youth are well documented in several studies including a 2018 A Becerra-Culqui et al- Kaiser Permanente Chart Review of Trans Identified Youth which found that severe emotional and mental health issues preceded ‘trans-identities’ almost 100% of the time. Among its findings:

  • Psychological disorders were 7X’s higher overall
  • Psychological hospitalizations 22-44 X’s higher
  • Self-harm 70-144 X’s higher
  • Suicidal ideation 25-54 X’s higher

Providing toxic transgender interventions to youth not only causes harm, but also fails to treat these serious mental health issues truly at the root of these young people’s suicidal ideation.

Is it any wonder then that there is a massive and growing number of young people seeking to ‘detransition’? They are horrified that they were placed on puberty blockers, chemically sterilized, and/or allowed to obtain permanently mutilating and/or sterilizing surgeries without any kind of watchful waiting or serious counseling. Their lives have been destroyed and they are unable to get them back.

60 minutes aired an entire segment devoted to these young people. It is difficult to find the episode now on the web, but the full transcript can be read here.

Jamie Reed, former case manager and whistleblower at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital regretted her role in working with confused youth and stated, “I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle.”

“The girls who came to us,” says Reed, “had many comorbidities: depression, anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, obesity. Many were diagnosed with autism or had autism-like symptoms. A report last year on a British pediatric transgender center found that about one-third of the patients referred there were on the autism spectrum.”

Transgender interventions are profitable business.

This legislation actually fails gender confused children and their parents. It creates a false ‘haven’ to fast track emotionally unstable children to obtain life altering and mutilating surgeries which many come to regret years later. And it creates a pipeline to the child mutilators, big-pharma, and the powerful and wealthy ‘gender care industry.’

Boston’s Children’s Hospital was recently exposed advertising for “gender affirming hysterectomies” for young girls.

In Massachusetts, taxpayers pay the majority of these procedures. “The cost for phalloplasty, which ranges from $20,000 to $40,000, is covered for most patients there, per an order from the state that prohibits insurance companies from discriminating based on ‘gender identity’.’’ Post Millennial, August 2022
Can we expect anything less in Minnesota?

A minor is not an adult. Until mental and emotional maturity, children are provided parents by their Creator to shield them from predators who would use them and manipulate them for personal political or financial gain. Yet that is what is happening here. Any child who is present in Minnesota for the purpose of getting gender mutilation services [“gender-affirming care”] is automatically under Minnesota’s “emergency jurisdiction,” shielded from any other parental or other state authority, leaving the child vulnerable to those preying on their bodies for profit.

It is unconscionable that the radical Democrat legislative majority is quickly moving HF146 & SF63 through hearings.

As of this writing, HF146, the House bill has 35 authors, all Democrats.

In the Senate, SF63 has 5 authors, all Democrats:

Legislators should be hearing from the public. Under no circumstances should our state protect and encourage the mutilation and sterilization of emotionally unstable children. It is evil and barbaric.

February 14, 2023