Thursday, January 5, 2023
State Capitol Rotunda, St. Paul

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The Child Protection League is urging you to join us at the State Capitol Rotunda in St. Paul this Thursday, January 5, to rally together with other groups to protect children from a looming Minnesota mandate that would require all school aged children to take the dangerous mRNA Covid shot.

Minnesota legislators and some powerful special interest groups also intend to remove Minnesota’s long-standing conscientious exemption!

Minnesota Medical Association: “MMA remains committed to removing the “conscientiously held belief” exemption.”

This is a critical time for Minnesota.

That’s why the Child Protection League is joining with the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota, Masks Off Minnesota, Stop the Mandate Minnesota, and several other organizations to rally. Keynote speakers will be Twila Brase from Citizens Council for Health Freedom and Scott Jensen, 2022 candidate for Governor. CPL will also have a few minutes at the microphone to launch a new and exciting tool for sharing important Protect Children covid shot information with the public. Please join us!

Since the CDC has already approved adding Covid shots to states’ childhood vaccination schedules, we fully expect Governor Walz to comply administratively. No legislation is required for the Governor to simply add the Covid shots to Minnesota’s growing list of required vaccines for children to attend public, private and homeschools, ECFE and day care programs. “The CDC Voted to Make Covid Shots Part of the Childhood Immunization Schedule.”

CPL released the following information on December 15, 2022:

On Monday, December 4, 2022, Pfizer announced they were seeking Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval for their new mRNA based “bi-valent” covid/flu booster for children ages 6 months to 4 years old. By Friday, December 9th, they had approval.

This booster skipped human trials and was tested only on a handful of mice. And like the existing Covid 19 shots, it is calibrated for viral strains that are no longer in circulation and obsolete.

Since the CDC already approved the Covid 19 shots for the childhood vaccination schedule, we and others closely following these injections expect this booster will be added.

It’s madness! Again, remember healthy children have virtually ZERO risk of dying from Covid 19.

In a matter of weeks, parents in Minnesota will be facing an administration that has been leading the charge to vaccinate children and babies with the controversial, experimental, and dangerous Covid 19 shots. See entire post at mRNA Booster Approved for Babies & Toddlers.

Bills to remove Minnesota’s long-standing conscientious exemption to vaccines for schools and daycare have been introduced in past legislative sessions. Thankfully, those bills have not passed. But this year, with Democrats in full control of state government, the threat of it passing is very real.

The right to decide what we put into our bodies is a basic human right and it has previously enjoyed bipartisan support. That’s why, right now, voicing strong opposition to removing the exemption is crucial. Parents and all adults must be free to make this choice! The covid injections are demonstrably harmful!

Please set this day aside and join us. See event on Facebook.

January 3, 2023