December 15, 2022

Important Rally Information
Minnesota State Capitol rotunda
January 5, 2023

On Monday, December 4, 2022, Pfizer announced they were seeking Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approval for their new mRNA based “bi-valent” covid/flu booster for children ages 6 months to 4 years old. By Friday, December 9th, they had approval.

This booster skipped human trials and was tested only on a handful of mice. And like the existing Covid 19 shots, it is calibrated for viral strains that are no longer in circulation and obsolete.

Since the CDC already approved the Covid 19 shots for the childhood vaccination schedule, we and others closely following these injections expect this booster will be added.

It’s madness! Again, remember healthy children have virtually ZERO risk of dying from Covid 19.

In a matter of weeks, parents in Minnesota will be facing an administration that has been leading the charge to vaccinate children and babies with the controversial, experimental, and dangerous Covid 19 shots.

Last October, Governor Walz shamelessly dangled bribes before Minnesota parents to vaccinate their teens with the Covid 19 ‘vaccines’. He offered $200 gift cards to children between the ages of 12-17 to get “vaccinated” before November 30th, 2021 and created a drawing for five $100,000 college scholarships. These bribes were taken from our tax dollars!
He’s never apologized for that nor walked it back.

A year later during his last debate with Dr. Scott Jensen, Governor Walz refused to unequivocally rule out requiring the Covid 19 shots for Minnesota children to attend school. Minnesota typically aligns its requirements with CDC recommendations who approved adding the shots to the childhood vaccination schedule.

See our CPL alerts about this requirement at The CDC Voted to Make Covid Shots Part of the Childhood Immunization Schedule and on our substack page.

We agree with Dr. Meryl Nass as reported to the Defender:

“It is unconscionable, given what we know about the poor performance of the existing vaccines and their very concerning side effects, that FDA [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] and CDC went along with the new ‘boosters’ without a single human trial — and now the manufacturers want to give these untested vaccines to children as young as 6 months of age.”

“It is only by continuing to declare a pandemic emergency that these exceedingly dangerous, unlicensed EUA [Emergency Use Authorization] vaccines could be used,” she said. “If the government was honest and admitted the emergency was over, by law, no EUA vaccines could be given to anyone.”

Dr. Michelle Perro was asked to address the unusually high rate of upper respiratory infections among children. She said:

“While government agencies are touting viral strains on communities from other pathogens (i.e., RSV and influenza), it should be emphasized that this viral tsunami has been triggered by the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine which has disarmed and disabled people’s innate immunity to fight off these other pathogens.”

And she rightly asks about the motive behind placing these experimental EUA gene therapy ‘vaccines’ on the childhood vaccination schedule. In doing so, the CDC handed Big Pharma a complete safety shield and legal immunity from all injuries and deaths caused by their harmful shots.

Which ensures an uninterrupted flow of record profits to them as well.

What do you do?

Number one: Please seriously consider the professional recommendations in the links above and the risk/benefit of the mRNA shots for your children. Protect your children!

Number two: Share this information with others.


  • Please contact your Congressional representative and request they investigate professional, pharmaceutical, and governmental malfeasance without delay.
  • Contact your Minnesota state representatives and senator and ask them what they will do to protect you and your children from these injections being mandated. Also, ask them to commit to protecting your conscience exemptions.
  • Consider what may be required of you. Be prepared to file religious and conscience exemptions. One place to start is at The Healthy American.
  • Expect to become engaged in coming coordinated efforts to protect conscience exemptions. We expect this legislature will move to rescind them.
  • Consider legal action if exemptions are not granted.

At all costs, parents must challenge the right and authority of the state government to subject our children to inject something into their bodies that is wholly unnecessary and can cause great harm. The shots are not vaccines but gene therapies which can change the entire trajectory of your children’s lives. It is that serious.

Please consider showing up for a very important rally at the Minnesota State Capitol rotunda on January 5, 2023 from 1:30-3:30. Many groups across the state are coming together to oppose the expected Walz administration legislation to repeal conscience exemptions and mandate injections.

Please attend!
We the People must show up and protect our fundamental individual rights now before it’s too late!