January 26, 2016

Today, in a federal court hearing with Judge Magnuson, I challenged in federal court the authority of state agencies and private businesses to deprive me of my parental 14th amendment civil rights. My minor son has received health services, narcotic drugs, hormonal drugs, welfare/housing, food stamps, and a driver’s license without my knowledge or consent. The school district is also treating my son as an adult. I believe these actions violate my constitutional due process rights, because no court has ever approved his legal emancipation.

I believe this is an abuse of my rights and the rights of all Minnesota parents in similar situations. I have a right and a responsibility to care for my son’s physical and emotional health and safety, but these agencies and services have denied me that right.

In this hearing, I have presented my case and asked the court to declare that my due process rights under the 14th amendment of the Constitution have been violated. I have asked the court to restore my full parental rights. I am hopeful these proceedings will help all parents and all families in Minnesota maintain the constitutionally protected rights that are in the best interest of their children.

As I have stated many times before, I am firmly committed to what is best for my son. I am his mother. He is and always has been welcome in our home. We are a blended family of 8. My son has three older siblings and 3 younger which still live in our home, with one sibling deceased. I love him beyond words. Our entire family and I care deeply about his well-being.
are deeply about his well-being.

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