If the Biden administration’s new and radical interpretation of “sex” in Title IX is successfully redefined to mean “gender identity,” federal civil rights protections will extend to student participation in all educational activities according to their gender identity. This would include all pre-K to 12th grade schools, colleges, universities, and private schools that accept any federal money.

According to the national organization SAVE, the revised Title IX regulation would have “far-reaching effects on campus due process, free speech, women’s sports, parental rights, and gender transitioning among underage students.”

But, America is not on board and the opposition to it is fierce!

Gallup released a recent poll showing almost 70 percent of Americans believe biological men should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports. In the last two years, that number has swelled from 62 percent to 69 percent.

The Department of Education opened a required 30-day public comment period in April. By its May 15, 2023, deadline, 156,000 comments were filed. 217 national, state, and local groups became part of a Title IX Network, forming a coalition that is standing in principled opposition to the proposed changes. 88 groups recently called on the Department of Education to cancel their new Title IX plans. Child Protection League also signed onto that letter and is part of that Title IX Network.

Not only did the public weigh in, but government officials around the country did too.

  • A coalition of 26 state governors signed a letter calling on DOE Secretary Miguel Cardona to withdraw the proposed athletics regulation.
  • Twenty-two Republican senators called on the Biden Administration to withdraw its plan.
  • The attorney generals in nearly two dozen states sent letters urging the Biden administration to uphold Title IX protections for female athletes.

In the face of this overwhelming opposition, the U.S. Department of Education is backing away. The release of the final revisions was delayed from May to October 2023. It appears that a further delay until next year may occur.

The Marxist activists at the helm of these federal agencies don’t care that this mandate is unconstitutional. However, for the first time ever, many states may simply refuse to comply…and the Marxists care about that.

States refusing to comply with federal mandates would begin the dissolution of federal power. Federal control of education is not an enumerated constitutional power. (See the 9th and 10th amendments to the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights.) It’s time for every state to rebuke this federal overreach.

This is an historic time. The creeping federal takeover of our country is illegitimate. For decades our own money has been used to hold we the people captive, dangling dollars before state legislatures to bring us into submission. But the American people are resisting! For the first time ever, state legislatures have enough public support behind them to consider walking away!

One of CPL’s colleagues created this informational Title IX Handout (PDF) for printing, posting, and sharing. Keeping public pressure on at every level is crucial. This issue crosses all demographic boundaries. Action items are on the handout. Be vocal!

The organization SAVE provides further detail about the sweeping consequences of erasing the distinctives of biological “sex” For more information on Title IX/Title IX Network, visit the Save website.

Minnesota’s legislature, in contrast to many other states that are resisting this egregious civil rights violation, has passed laws that erase the very protections Title IX was designed to protect. They are counting on public ignorance, because ignorance is necessary for any totalitarian system to remain in power.

Pennsylvania high school students speak out.
Who can sit quietly by while public resistance swells?