What is it?
Who is behind it?
Why YOU should be concerned!

The annual Day of Silence (DOS) is sponsored by GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, a group that specifically targets school children with the message that homosexuality, changing genders, and rejecting one’s biological sexual identity is healthy, even for very young children. The DOS is GLSEN’s tool to force all school children, their parents, teachers and administrators to support and affirm this false and dangerous paradigm by remaining silent. By refusing to speak, they marginalize those who disagree.


The now infamous gender activist, Kevin Jennings founded GLSEN in 1990. In a 1995 speech called “Winning the Culture War,” Jennings outlined his strategy for gender radical activists: they would transform and control the debate by hijacking the language. Gender activists will lose, he told them, if they are seen as “going after the kids.” Instead, they would portray as haters and bigots those who opposed their agenda of normalizing gender fluidity; and portray gender confused kids as ‘victims’ of ‘hate’ and ‘intolerance’.

In 2009, the Obama administration created a federal “Safe Schools Czar” position for Jennings within the U.S. Department of Education. The appointment set him up perfectly to export a sexual-rights free-for-all across the country. Jennings injected gender identity and homosexuality into schools by portraying gender confused young people as victims of a culture that hates them. Therefore, so he said, they needed vast new government infrastructures and enforcement systems to make them “safe” from bullying. From this came the “Safe Schools” narrative. With massive assistance from a willing media disinformation campaign, the National Education Association, Hollywood, and numerous social justice community activist groups, “anti-bullying” took off as a mammoth ruse for the gender radical agenda. After all, who would go on record as being against anti-bullying efforts?

Public and congressional outrage ended the Safe Schools Czar position in 2011, but GLSEN had gained unseemly legitimacy.

Today, GLSEN exports model Transgender School Policies and provides schools with gender-radical curricula. It created sexually depraved reading lists that have been denounced as porn. These lists have more recently been removed from public viewing on the internet. GLSEN assists in creating schools’ Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs). It also sponsors the Day of Silence to marginalize those who object.

A rash of schools have picked up the DOS. Is your school one of them?

On the DOS, students are encouraged to remain silent all day to protest. “the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools.” But the DOS is pure propaganda and manipulation. It isn’t about safety. It’s about silencing and intimidating those students who will not submit to the new and very dangerous gender chaos. Schools that encourage and participate in the DOS are complicit in inflicting on kids emotional harm, false teaching, and a dangerous view of themselves.

It’s up to YOU to find out if your school is participating in the DOS before April 12th! IF YOUR SCHOOL IS PARTICIPATING:

Keep Your Children Home on the Day of Silence!

(HT, below, to the Illinois Family Institute)

Ask your school administrators and children’s teachers these questions:

For administrators

  • Do you permit students to refuse to speak during instructional time on the DOS?
  • Do you permit teachers to refuse to speak during instructional time on the DOS?
  • Prior to the DOS, do you notify all parents about it, including sharing complete information about GLSEN’s role in organizing and providing materials for it and informing parents about what will be permitted in the classroom?

For teachers

  • Do you create classroom assignments or activities that accommodate student-refusal to speak on the DOS?
  • Do you teach lessons on oppression, censorship, or bullying in class on the DOS?
  • Will you be using any information from GLSEN to shape or inform your activities on the DOS?
  • If you accommodate student-refusal to speak and/or shape activities around ideas promoted by GLSEN for the DOS, will you be notifying parents ahead of time?

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