The premier Minnesota event for one of America’s most sought-after speakers.
Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023, in Anoka, MN

Top Ten Reasons to Register Today!

10. Don’t snooze! You might lose! Tickets are 60% sold out with only 8 weeks to go!

9. You’ll be first! First to see James Lindsay in Minnesota, a premier event for this dynamic warrior against Woke!

8. You’ll get smarter! No one says it quite like James! Lindsay defines the issues and provides strategies that work!

7. You’ll get equipped to win! Bring a notebook because you will find yourself saying, “That was awesome! I’ve got to write that down!”

6. Your impressive collection of autographed books will grow! We will have Marxification of Education for sale and James will personally sign your copy!

5. You won’t regret you missed it! When your friends are raving about it, you can say you were there too! It’s not a CPL fundraiser. We put these events on FOR YOU!

4. You can armor up! CPL prints many resources to equip you to educate others, expose the lies and take back your country. Stock up for battle!

3. You’ll get access to great deals at the $5 Bargain Table. Books, hats and more from past events all for $5 each. Christmas shopping anyone?

2. It’s based! Sheeple don’t attend CPL events. You’ll be with warriors and patriots and the conversations will be great!

1. You will help us to help you and others get informed, equipped, and inspired to do the most important work of our lives! Taking this country back from the Marxists, globalists and groomers and restoring it to the foundations upon which our faith and freedom are built is our mission.

We hope you’ll register right now and join our mission to go on offense in this war raging against our children. The power of the people together, united, is a terror to the enemy. Your attendance at this bi-yearly event means so much to us at CPL. We can’t wait to see you!

Dr. James Lindsay is an expert on the Cultural Revolution in America which is destroying our founding principles, our heritage and our rich history. He is especially knowledgeable about how it is being piped directly into our educational system through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Ethnic Studies. The change agents have shifted away from academic knowledge to psycho-social Marxist ideologies which are designed to fundamentally transform America and her institutions by transforming America’s children into cultural Marxists.

Dr. Lindsay is the author of the nationally acclaimed book, The Marxification of Education. He is a highly sought-after speaker, and this event will be his premier appearance in Minnesota.

The event will be held Wednesday October 11, 2023 from 6:45 -9:00 pm.

He will be speaking in the Anoka area and specific venue details will be provided to ticket holders via email on October 8, 2023.

Doors will open at 5:45pm with socializing, light snacks and a cash bar.

Seating is limited so please register early! Tickets are selling fast!

August 18, 2023