TRAPPED! The Breakdown of the Teacher-Parent Alliance in MN’s Largest School District

Don’t miss the new Season Two, Episode #1 of Trapped: Chaos in the Classroom by Sheila Qualls of Alpha News. This powerful audio podcast is a hard-hitting account of the Anoka-Hennepin School District from the voices of those present. It is a behind the scenes look into the largest Minnesota school district and what parents are not being told. [Read More]

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Refuse the Surveys!

What’s up with all the surveys for kids?

The short answer is that schools are data-mining your children. Do not comply! Here’s how it works.

Using questionnaires, surveys, assessments, and emotional “check-ins,” Social Emotional Learning (SEL) continuously gathers personal information to create a permanent psychological data profile about every child. This data is then filtered through the lens of “cultural competency” [Read More]

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America’s Fierce Opposition to Illicit Federal Powers

If the Biden administration’s new and radical interpretation of “sex” in Title IX is successfully redefined to mean “gender identity,” federal civil rights protections will extend to student participation in all educational activities according to their gender identity. This would include all pre-K to 12th grade schools, colleges, universities, and private [Read More]

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Lindsay Sounds the Alarm on the ‘National Danger’ of Marxism in Schools

Liz Collin of Alpha News interviewed Dr. James Lindsay on Monday August 21 about both his upcoming appearance at the Child Protection League event, Who’s Killing Columbus: an Evening with Dr. James Lindsay, and his research and work in educating the public about the ‘national danger’ of Marxism in schools. He identifies Minnesota as the state that is “falling the [Read More]

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Why are Children and Young Adults Dying at Rates Never Seen Before?

Data continues pouring in about the dangers of the Covid injections and that healthy children and young adults are dying at rates never seen before.

The stunning lack of journalistic and scientific curiosity to uncover what’s behind these abnormally high death rates raises serious questions about the integrity of our media and medical field. Both have justifiably lost much of the [Read More]

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Patriot Story Hour Kits

Passing on our nation’s cultural heritage to the young generation!

  • The jewels of freedom: life, liberty, and property.
  • The true history of America.
  • What is America? Why are we free?

You are the host of your story hour!
Our kits, for a donation of $30 plus shipping, are available at our events or by  [Read More]

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What Does Your Nonpublic School Know About SEL?

Child Protection League sent the following letter to nonpublic schools in Minnesota. If you are associated with a nonpublic school, consider asking the administrator if he/she received the information. If they did not, send us their contact information and we will forward the letter on to them.

If they did receive the information, [Read More]

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