Dangerous ideologies to transform the beliefs and values of our nation is invading the classroom through intentional literary choices. Be aware of what books your child is checking out from the library and what books are required at school.  You may be surprised and even shocked! How to Challenge Books in Your School Library (PDF)

Vulgar Books 
Why are school libraries shelves filled with vulgar, sexually explicit and pornographic books? Why are parents who are trying to get vulgar content removed vilified and opposed? How did we get to this point and what can parents do about it.
Presentation by Bonnie Gasper, CPL board member.
(55 minutes)

New: Emily Drabinski has been elected to serve as the American Library Association’s (ALA) president for the 2023-2024 term. Emily Drabinski is a radical, self-avowed Marxist and queer activist. Read her writings and comments in the Research Memorandum (PDF) compiled by American Accountability Association.

Book Lists

Good Reads

  • Great Books List (PDF)
    A classic literature for Kindergarten through high school compiled by the Charlemagne Institute.
  • Booklist by Subject
    A choice of good books to read aloud or independently from Read Aloud Revival.
  • Rated Books
    A searchable database of books that have been reviewed and rated.
  • SkyTree Book Fairs
    Celebrate literacy while ensuring that books are wholesome and trustworthy. SkyTree Book Fairs provide book fairs that schools can trust. An alternative to Scholastic books.
  • Brave Books
    Faith-based children’s books that bring families together written by authors such as Kirk Cameron, Kevin Sorbo and more. Brave Books also offers book clubs.

Books of Concern

  • Top 100 Most Banned and Challenged Books of the Past Decade (PDF)
    This list from the American Library Association may give you some insights into the battle over book content for children and young adults. The contrast is stark from It’s Perfectly Normal and I Am Jazz (sexualization) to To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (classics).
  • Pride Book List for Kids
    Your children may be exposed at your public (and sometimes private) schools to these LGBTQ books. Are any of these being used in your children’s classrooms and libraries?
  • Social Justice Books Teaching Revolution Through Literature
    Even though social justice books are often presented as merely multi-racial materials and diverse histories, the primary focus is to transform our schools and our culture. The story lines of social justice books assume our nation is inherently racist. Individual students are judged according to their group identity.
  • Audio Sex for Kids?
    Parents beware! It doesn’t matter if your children don’t have paid subscriptions to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. If they have a library card and the book is available as an audiobook at their local library, these minors simply enter their library card number, and, in a flash, the book appears on their devices.

Porn: In Your Child’s School Library
How to remove pornographic books from your school library.
presented by Diane Smith
(12 minutes)

Books With Warnings!

  • Something Happened in Our Town
    by Marianne Celano

This book demonizes the police department and suggests that children should be afraid of police officers. Stereotyping police officers as biased and dangerous puts people of all races at great risk and undermines the ability of law enforcement to protect us all. The book is being recommended for elementary age children in many school districts in MN as well as in other states. Find out if this book is being used in your elementary schools and, if so, contact your school boards, education departments and governor to stop the book from being used in the classroom.

  • I Am Jazz
    by Jazz Jennings and Jessica Herthel

“The book I Am Jazz, by Jazz Jennings and Jessica Herthel, contains a number of factual inaccuracies and very significant omissions. I am very concerned that children or even adults who read these books will be given false ideas about transgenderism. This will lead to the harm of children.”

  • Advocating for Islam?

These eight books, recommended to teachers for Minnesota public schools at the “Engaging Muslim Students in Public Schools” Training Seminars for Educators presented by Michael Abraham, teach the religion of Islam including prayer, religious holidays, reciting the Holy Books, etc.

Read the Book Review of Islamic Children’s Books (PDF) and stay informed.

  • Eleanor & Park
    by Rainbow Rowell

Parents of a 15-year-old high school girl were astounded to read through the book Eleanor & Park, a book their daughter was given as part of her high school’s summer reading program. “The amount of vile profanity used throughout this publication was absolutely astounding! Never in our 43 years have either of us ever read anything more profane.”

Read this extensive review of Eleanor & Park to help you learn what the schools are using for young adult reading. The New York Times calls it a “beautiful, haunting love story” for young adults. The parents say the book is “pornographic and sexually explicit.” Be advised.
Eleanor & Park Book Review (PDF)

CPL Sponsored Books for Children

Books by Barbara Anderson, illustrated by Rachel Gasper

Barbara now has three delightful children’s books that make for great reading and fun gifts!

Barbara is graciously donating all proceeds to Child Protection League. Her books may be ordered through Amazon, Just Ducky and Whoo Am I?

Whoo Am I?

Barbara Anderson’s best children’s book yet! Written in verse form, the story is about a baby owl high up in a tree with his family, who longs to see the world below. His adventures begin when he accidentally tumbles down to the forest floor, where he quickly embraces his newfound freedom. Soon, however, the little owl realizes that being on his own is not as much fun as he thought. As he searches for food and a way back home, other woodland creatures come to his aid—and for the first time, he discovers his true longing for family. Will the owlet find his way back to where he is known, protected and lived, or will he have to live on the forest floor forever? Every child loves the sing song of verse.
This could become a cherished possession with lasting memories!

Just Ducky

Just Ducky is a heart-warming duck tale features adorably illustrated barnyard friends of Little Ducky who learns to appreciate the way he was made.
Story Time with Miss Barbara:
Barbara Anderson reads her book, Just Ducky (6 minute video).

The (Mostly) True Story of Taylor Swine the Political Pig

An adorable story about a real pet pig! This story stars a lovable pig whose journey to fulfill her dream leads her to a caring family that understands her wish to become a political pig. Taylor Swine discovers the importance of family while learning how to take an active role in the political process.
Story Time with Miss Barbara:
Barbara Anderson reads her book, The (Mostly) True Story of Taylor Swine the Political Pig (6 minute video)

Bonus: Story Time with Miss Barbara
As part of Story Time with Barbara, she has also read three additional books that children love.
I Don’t Want to Be a Frog by Dev Petty (3 ½ minute video)
He Bear, She Bear by Stan and Jan Berenstain (4 minute video)
The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone (4 minute video)

Books We Recommend

  • Between the Covers
    by Deborah DeGroff

The subject of Children’s Literature affects everyone. We are told that reading books about being kind or not being a bully will help us to be kind and not be a bully. However, there are numerous children’s’ books condoning every vice known to man that are supposed to leave children unscathed. Perhaps we need to start looking BETWEEN THE COVERS.

The Invincible Family: Why the Global Campaign to Crush Motherhood and Fatherhood Can’t Win is a shocking and essential report on how your family could be threatened–and what you and all concerned citizens can do to defend the institution of the family and our inherent human rights. Kimberly Ells Presentation spoke about the concepts in her book at our CPL Invisible Liberty conference.

“I’m gay.” As more and more young people announce this is their identity, it’s time to take a closer look. It’s a profound declaration, a new civil right (they are told) and it’s “who you are.” But there’s a problem. Are we sure this is the truth? A book geared for youth with a study guide also available.

In a culture of sexual confusion, our children are caught in the crosshairs. Join in the journey of discovery as best friends, Emily and Hannah embrace their struggles of childhood. For children ages 7-14.

Good Pictures-Bad Pictures coverHave you wanted to talk to your children about pornography but weren’t sure how? Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids is a great resource to read to your children to start the discussion.

War on Psychotherapy book coverWhat happens when a sexual culture war is fought on the mental health battlefield? Christopher Doyle provides a map of the unprecedented assault on personal freedom and religious liberty answering many of tough questions of our day.

The War on Psychotherapy from The Witherspoon Fellowship video presentation (50 minutes)

You're Teaching My Child What cover“Dr. Grossman exposes the sordid truth about sex education in You’re Teaching My Child What?  Not based on science but on liberal lies and politically correct propaganda. As a psychiatrist and expert on sexual education, Dr. Grossman cites example after example of schools and organizations whitewashing crucial information that doesn’t fit in with their “PC” agenda. What sex educators call an education; scientists would call a scam.

stolen-honorHow America was betrayed by the lies and sexual crimes of the mad “scientist”. The root cause of many of the societal ills we deal with today come from Alfred Kinsey and his “research.”

Written by a former transgender, the book, Paper Genders, in his own story, debunks the glowing promises of gender change surgery and exposes the heart-breaking story of suicide and wrecked lives that the advocates would prefer to keep hidden.

  • Sex: The Rest of the Story
    book coverby LeAnna Benn and Alfred J Derby, MD

Comprehensive Sexual Education is damaging our most valuable resource—children. You will want this ebook as a reference guide. Using peer reviewed scientific studies, this activist’s guide to transforming sex education provides guidance to prepare for meetings, writing letters campaigns, organizing community members to take action, getting programs adopted and so much more.
Order: Sex: The Rest of the Story A must for your library!

An informative book about the importance of the mother-child bond. New research reveals that babies need their moms. Read the Book Review by Barb Anderson (PDF)