Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the umbrella for social engineering concepts that have infiltrated our schools with various names: Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS), Critical Race Theory, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Comprehensive Sex Education and more.

What is MnMTSS?

MN Multi-tiered System of Supports is Social Emotional Learning in disguise! Julie Quist, in this presentation, breaks down the real meaning and intents of this “new” federal education system (federally funded) and adopted by MN that uses an “equity” lens. All students are psychologically assessed, every student has a permanent psychological profile, and all students are rated on their “cultural competencies” (values, attitudes, beliefs). A must watch! Divided into 3 parts, go to CPL Videos and Presentations to view.

About SEL

Don’t be fooled! Social Emotional Learning has been given many names, “knowledge-based learning,” literature-based,” “data driven program” and now Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) that make it more “sellable,” more appealing. But regardless of the name, it is still the same ideology.

Teachers are trained in “mapping cultural values” which means identifying a student’s “personal cultural values and preferences.” This information is collected in a “data dashboard” and measured to see whether an individual demonstrates change in regard to attitudes, feelings and behaviors. The results are entered into a national SEL data bank. It is an invasion of privacy.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Explained by James Lindsay (14 minutes)
In this short video, renowned Critical Race Theory expert James Lindsay explains SEL.

  • SEL a Vehicle for Critical Race Theory and Equity

According to CASEL, the leading national developer, promoter, and funder of SEL, the highly touted 5 SEL competencies are benign values to be inculcated into all students, forming the new core of “transformational education.” However, according to their own documentation, the 5 SEL competencies are to be interpreted and applied through an “Equity” lens. The 5 SEL core competencies that are Cultural Marxist indoctrination are rapidly replacing academics as our nation’s core curriculum. Equity & Social and Emotional Learning: A Cultural Analysis (PDF)

As explained in these articles, SEL or more accurately the program of in-school “psychological training” for children has become a major vehicle for the Critical Race Theory movement.

  • 15 Harmful Effects of SEL (PDF)
    You will want to read this comprehensive guide with references to understand the full scope of what Social Emotional Learning is and the dangers this curriculum presents.
  • Will Your Children Soon Be Eating Bugs?
    In this CPL email update, discover how the globalists at the UN recognize the usefulness of SEL in reshaping and transforming your child into a compliant, controllable, predictable, champion of every Sustainable Development Goal. Behavioral modification (SEL in classrooms) is used to reach their goals (i.e., psychological manipulation, brainwashing and mindfulness training).
  • Social Emotional Learning is Masquerading as Education

Child Protection League had the honor of being asked to submit an article about Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for the Spring 2023 issue of the Christian publication RenewaNation Magazine. SEL teaches a race-based, politicized worldview that doesn’t align with reality or with truth. Unfortunately, some Christian schools are adopting SEL curriculum without closely examining its content. Read what CPL Vice President Bonnie Gasper has to say in the article, SEL Masquerading as Education (PDF).

  • Christian Schools Should Not be Duped by Social Emotional Learning
    Social Emotional Learning is widely used in our public schools and is infiltrating private schools, including Christian schools. In this article, Alen & Julie Quist examine the suitability of SEL in schools in general and specifically in Christian schools.

Quist’s article was featured in Alpha News, Christian schools should reject social-emotional learning.

SEL Guides

SEL Videos

  • SEL 101 (20 minute video)
    An excellent overview of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) which has infiltrated most schools. Additional information about SEL at Purple for Parents, producers of the video. Ways SEL Is Implemented in the Classroom

SEL Assessments

Social Emotional Learning is a data collection system of every child’s values, attitudes, and beliefs. A type of blockchain educational record designed to aggregate health, behavioral, demographic, and cognitive data on children and families the moment the school implements this system. Most parents do not realize or understand what SEL really is – a method to indoctrinate and track every aspect of their child’s life.

Testing Students for Progress in Marxism
Minnesota’s newly adopted teacher licensing rules have been identified as requiring teachers to indoctrinate students in Marxist doctrines. Testing students’ progress toward those doctrines is also part of the teacher licensing mandate. This article will look at how teaching and assessing are the two pillars for transforming schools from teaching academic knowledge and skills into indoctrination centers. Read article Testing Students for Progress in Marxism (PDF).

Continual Surveys!

The continual surveys are tools used to identify your child’s values, attitudes, and beliefs so the data miners can know what mitigations are needed to transform your children into believers and champions of the new cultural dogmas. Protect your kids’ privacy and emotional health! Teach them how to say NO to intrusive, personal questioning in their schools.
Refuse the Surveys!

Be sure to go to our Data Collection and Opt Out sections for more information, survey samples and forms.

  • SEL Non-Cognitive Assessment in Minnesota (PDF)
    What, if any, are the Minnesota mandates for non-cognitive assessments and/or other standards regarding social and emotional competencies? How are they being measured? Minn. Stat. § 121A.031, subd. 5: “Districts and schools must establish strategies for creating a positive school climate and use evidence-based social-emotional learning to prevent and reduce discrimination and other improper conduct.” (emphasis added)

Schools are already doing this. Data collected and stored on students’ SEL competencies are central to SEL. Betsy Armstrong presents a well-researched,  comprehensive document explaining SEL in Minnesota and its implications in our schools.

  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)
    Centered on equity, PBIS  is rapidly infiltrating schools through the ruse of Social Emotional Learning. PBIS emphasizes five inter-related elements: equity, systems, data, practices, and outcomes. Whose values and behavior are acceptable? Why are they tracking every child with tools such as an QR code entry? These and so many questions need to be asked!
  • Data Mining Tools
    • OTUS Tracking (25 second video clip)
      Here representatives of the OTUS software company lay out what will likely be a blockchain educational record designed to aggregate health, behavioral, demographic, and cognitive data on children and families from the time they enter the system.

There is a big push right now for social emotional learning and mental health screenings of students. It’s important to understand this data feeds pay for success human capital markets. This data is being gathered on digital devices. It not protected by HIPPA.

They state that they will not tell the parents they are tracking their child’s “neuroticism” lest they fill the school board meeting. He says they are leaving space on the software platform for wearable tech data (QR codes).

    • Panorama Education
      Companies such as Panorama offer a central system to track and analysis your child. This is just one company a school district could use to collect your child’s information using a 3rd party.

Panorama touts: “Did you know? Panorama was ranked the#1 SEL measurement tool in a 2021 report from Tyton Partners supported by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.” That should tell you everything – who is supporting and even pushing SEL in your schools!

Panorama also offers curriculum; however, the big push for all social-emotional learning is for it to be “trauma-informed,” not just for students struggling some sort of trauma but for ALL students.  Students are to be considered traumatized which adds more layers to SEL and more data collecting.

Ways SEL Is Implemented

Transformative Mindfulness Education

  • What Does “Mindfulness” Have To Do With Education?
    Mindfulness is one of many SEL competencies which have replaced academic mastery in public education, shifting curriculum away from academic content, facts, and information to a psychosocial focus on the whole child– body, mind, and spirit.
  • SEL and Spirituality: Instructional Implications
    This article introduces and promotes the dangerous idea that training students into the practice of eastern spirituality called Mindfulness by incorporating it into the teaching of SEL is acceptable.
  • Mindfulness: The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Spiritual Craze
    Spiritualism Has Come to Public Schools. Why is it showing up in the classrooms? What does mindfulness have to do with SEL? How are children at risk?
    (80 minutes with Q&A)

Rumble link to video

In the Classroom and Beyond

  • CASEL Advancing Social Emotional Learning
    The biggest advocate pushing SEL into the classroom is CASEL. Although it sounds good, beware of the underlying goals for SEL. Their website states, “The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning is helping make evidence-based social and emotional learning an integral part of education from preschool through high school.” (emphasis added)
  • Sample Curriculums

Below are curriculum that we have seen being used in MN; however, as you can see from the CASEL curriculum listing, there are many organizations and companies that have jumped on the bandwagon and are peddling SEL curriculum to schools.

    • Choose Love for Schools
      Choose Love is just one of the many organizations competing to deliver their SEL curriculum to schools. The title “Love” sounds wonderful until you read their intent. “next-generation Character Social Emotional Development (CSED) program for Pre-K through 12th grades…Aligned with CASEL, Common Core and ASCA, Choose Love for Schools is also the first program of its kind to fully incorporate state of the art CSED model standards, while also incorporating neuroscience and positive psychology to teach mindfulness, character, and emotional intelligence. Beware!
    • Friendzy Biblical SEL Friendship review (PDF)
      Can SEL be modified to be aligned with Christianity? No, because group identity is one of the central principles of Marxism. All SEL programs are designed to instill in students “group consciousness.” The peer pressure for conformity to the group becomes irresistible. Christian training, in contrast, should encourage kids to conform to what is right and to avoid and oppose what is wrong. Friendzy is a another SEL program macerated as Biblical based.
    • Youth Development Programs
      SEL has even infiltrated youth development programs such as 4-H. SEL sounds inviting and educational but ask yourself what and whose values are the children learning? Listen to the “politically correct” words used in children’s vocabulary — “safe spaces, cultural responsiveness, Indigenous Circles, work father…” Notice also that data is gathered using incentives, such as candy, Instagram, etc., which in turn is used to produce “best practices” research. Examples from the University of Minnesota Extension.