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CPL has two major and very exciting announcements!

June 8, 2023|

June 7, 2023 New Website Design First, we have a fresh, new look! We have a brand-new website that is easier to navigate and find information. The new design aligns with our updated mission statement: CPL promotes the welfare of children and protects them from exploitation, indoctrination, and violence. We educate citizens on issues that protect or threaten the safety of children. We equip and activate parents and the public to reclaim self-governance, and to expose and defeat the cultural revolution in our midst. And our home page now highlights our top issues, current email updates, and social media posts. Please be sure to check it out. An Evening with James Lindsay Second, we are thrilled to announce that [Read More]

Child Protection League Bi-Annual Letter

May 23, 2023|

June 2023 Dear Child Protection League Friends, Child Protection League actively fundraises twice a year with a mailed letter highlighting our work, activities, goals, things to watch for and future objectives. Those who receive it consistently find it an extremely effective summary of our work, and something they wish to share with others. However, since most of us engage online these days, we are now extending our fundraising requests to our email subscribers. Those of you who have already received this letter in the mail and have sent us support, thank you. For others, this might be the first time you have ever received a request for financial support from us! Practically speaking, we could not do any of [Read More]

Current Issues

Cultural Marxism

Our kids are being transformed into Marxist revolutionaries through programs such as Critical Race Theory, equity, gender ideology, social justice, to name a few. This shareable, two-page handout explains how we got here and what the Marxist have planned for our schools and our children. Cultural-Marxism-Handout (PDF)

Kids & COVID

Government entities, like the CDC and the FDA, continue ignoring ‘the science’ and mountains of evidence which show the covid shots are harmful for kids and people of ALL ages. Know the dangers and help spread the word!

CRT & Equity

Do you know that Critical Race Theory is a component of Cultural Marxism? Take a deep dive and read about the connection as it relates to Critical Race Theory, equity and our schools. Critical Race Theory – A Component of Cultural Marxism


Social Emotional Learning is widely used in our public schools and is infiltrating private schools, including Christian schools. In this article, Alen & Julie Quist examine the suitability of SEL in schools in general and specifically in Christian schools.


Comprehensive Sex Education is built on lies and crimes against children. Planned Parenthood and SEICUS continue to push this agenda into our classrooms. The CSE Toolkit is a quick overview of the origins of CSE and what it looks like today in the classroom. Comprehensive Sex Education Toolkit (PDF)


In Minnesota, local jurisdictions through Regional Development Commissions (RDC) drive state legislation and state administrative policies and practices. Julie Quist of CPL explains the history, how regional government operates, and how equity over the years has been woven into Minnesota down to the local level.