Special Event October 11, 2023

Who’s Killing Columbus?: An evening with Dr. James Lindsay

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Refuse the Surveys!

September 27, 2023|

What’s up with all the surveys for kids? The short answer is that schools are data-mining your children. Do not comply! Here’s how it works. Using questionnaires, surveys, assessments, and emotional “check-ins,” Social Emotional Learning (SEL) continuously gathers personal information to create a permanent psychological data profile about every child. This data is then filtered through the lens of “cultural competency” and “assessed,” which triggers interventions designed to move them along a continual path of “improvement” toward becoming “culturally competent.” SEL advocates claim all students are at some level of “trauma” requiring “mitigation.” Often that mitigation means “mental health services,” without parental notification. The surveys have many names. [Chart taken from Courage Is A Habit guide.] According to SEL, “cultural [Read More]

America’s Fierce Opposition to Illicit Federal Powers

September 23, 2023|

If the Biden administration’s new and radical interpretation of “sex” in Title IX is successfully redefined to mean “gender identity,” federal civil rights protections will extend to student participation in all educational activities according to their gender identity. This would include all pre-K to 12th grade schools, colleges, universities, and private schools that accept any federal money. According to the national organization SAVE, the revised Title IX regulation would have “far-reaching effects on campus due process, free speech, women’s sports, parental rights, and gender transitioning among underage students.” But, America is not on board and the opposition to it is fierce! Gallup released a recent poll showing almost 70 percent of Americans believe biological men should not be allowed [Read More]

Targeting Fertility and Babies

September 15, 2023|

Are the Covid Shots Targeting Fertility and Babies? Reports are coming in that approximately 9 months after the Covid “vaccines” rolled out in 2021, live births fell off a cliff. For example, the decline of births in New South Wales hospitals. There is growing evidence the shots negatively impact the placenta in utero which appear to be impeding placental and fetal development resulting in low birth weights, stillbirths, miscarriages, and failure to thrive. Fertility rates across the globe have crashed since the Covid “vaccine” rollout. Alex Berenson has been writing about the crashing birth rates worldwide. Birth rates are especially alarming in countries where mRNA Covid “vaccine” uptake was high. In this article, Alex refers to several reports linking the [Read More]

Current Issues

Cultural Marxism

A must see video that examines Marxist history, identifies their key tactics and explains how to stand against them. (45 minutes)
by Bonnie Gasper, CPL board member
Cultural Marxists know they are in a war for your children, but do you?

Kids & COVID

Government entities, like the CDC and the FDA, continue ignoring ‘the science’ and mountains of evidence which show the covid shots are harmful for kids and people of ALL ages. Know the dangers and help spread the word!

CRT & Equity

The notion that racial disparities in academic achievement are due to discrimination is a political statement, not a scientific one. In contrast, the position that racial disparities in academic achievement are due to fatherless homes is a scientific statement, not a political one. A statement that is unpopular.


CPL had the honor of being asked to submit an article about SEL for the Spring 2023 issue of the Christian publication RenewaNation Magazine. SEL teaches a race-based, politicized worldview that doesn’t align with reality or with truth. Unfortunately, some Christian schools are adopting SEL curriculum without closely examining its content. Read what CPL Vice President Bonnie Gasper wrote in the article, SEL Masquerading as Education (PDF).


Comprehensive Sex Education is built on lies and crimes against children. Planned Parenthood and SEICUS continue to push this agenda into our classrooms. For a quick overview of the origins of CSE and what it looks like in our classrooms today, see our Comprehensive Sex Education Toolkit (PDF). Also available is our CPL Palmcard (PDF).


Congress passed Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, which provides: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”
Read more at Title IX: The Transformation of America.
Title IX was NOT intended to be applied on the basis of gender identity.
What is a Woman handout (PDF)